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PKULS-Shenzhen Guangming District Community Foundation Elite Program Seminar (5th) Successfully Held

In order to deepen the pilot work of the community foundation, improve the capacity and management level of the community foundation council, and promote the healthy and sustainable growth of the community foundation, our institute and Shenzhen Guangming District jointly organized the “PKULS-Shenzhen Guangming New District Community Foundation Elite Program Seminar (Fifth) ”.


On the morning of December 23, the opening ceremony of the “Peking University Law School-Shenzhen Guangming New District Community Foundation Talent Program Training Course (Fifth)” was successfully held in the lecture hall of (Leo) Koguan Building. Dang Kaiying, the director of Shenzhen Guangming New District Civil Service Center, Assistant Dean Nian Yijia, and Wang Mei, the class director of the seminar attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Jia Weiwei, deputy director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of the School of Law. 

On behalf of the School of Law, Director Nian Yijia welcomed all students. She pointed out that through years of coordination and friendship and friendly consultations between the two sides, friendship and mutual trust have been consolidated, understanding and consensus have been enhanced, and fruitful results have been harvested. Once a year, together in Yanyuan, the talents plan is carried out at multiple levels and comprehensively to ensure that the community mechanism becomes a model that can be replicated and promoted. Shenzhen, as a leader and example of reform and opening up, has provided rich experience for social governance. Relying on the strong teachers and disciplinary advantages of the PKULS, Shenzhen hopes to solve the problems encountered by the trainees in their work and update the latest theory The results are implemented in actual work, effectively promoting the combination and transformation of theory and practice, and meeting new challenges with a fuller spirit and enthusiasm.

Director Kaiying Ding made a mobilization speech and thanked PKULS for his careful arrangement. She pointed out that 2019 is a year of gorgeous turning in Guangming District, which has played a good leading and demonstration role in Shenzhen. Guangming District has continued to deepen the reform of community foundations to ensure the effectiveness of the pilots. At the same time, it has faced many challenges while achieving great results in the field. Persist in learning ideas and applying what they have learned, and expect the Guangming Community Foundation to maintain long-term exchanges and communication with PKULS to learn and progress together. 

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and participants took a group photo. 

Experts and scholars with deep theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience were invited to give special lectures on the design and evaluation of community development projects, current community governance dilemmas and community mobilization, non-profit organization property rules, garbage classification and management, etc. The teaching team is both professional and diversified. The seminar arranged participants to visit the China Population Welfare Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, etc. to learn about the history of domestic foundations, project development and operation. 


This seminar is the fifth cooperation between Peking University Law School and Guangming District of Shenzhen City. It is believed that in the future, the two sides will carry out new cooperation in more aspects, broader fields and deeper levels, opening up a new situation and entering a new level.


Translated by Rosie

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