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PKULS's Social Law Research Team Visits Northern Europe to Expand Academic Exchanges

From December 8th to December 15th, 2019, the PKULS’s Social Law Research Team visited Northern Europe to expand academic exchanges with great success. The delegation was led by Prof. Ye Jingyi, the director of the Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law of the Institute, and A.P. Jin Jinping, the deputy director of the institute, A.P. Yan Tian and A.P. Chen Yifeng formed a delegation. During this trip, the social law team visited the Law School of Stockholm University in Sweden, the Law School of the University of Oslo in Norway and its Norwegian Human Rights Center, the Law School of the University of Helsinki in Finland and its Chinese Law and Chinese Law and Culture Center, and the Nordic Labor Law and Society Scholars from law, human rights law, etc. conducted academic discussions and talks and cooperation, laying a good foundation for the team to strengthen research and international exchanges on Nordic labor and social law in the future.


On December 9, our social law team visited the Law School of Stockholm University and was warmly received by Prof. Pal Wrange, Prof. Niklas Brunn, and A.P. Petra Herzfeld Olsson. They participated in the “China-Swedish Labor Law Seminar”. At the seminar, A.P. Yan Tian made a report entitled “Constitutional Theory of Chinese Labor Law”, A.P. Chen Yifeng gave a report entitled “ILO and Worker Protection in the Informal Economy”, A.P. of Labor Law at Stockholm University Petra Herzfeld Olsson gave a report entitled “Swedish labor law model and challenges related to foreign workers”. During the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and clarified many theoretical and practical issues. Both parties agreed to strengthen the exchange and cooperation on labor law and social law between the two houses in the future. 

On December 11, the social law team visited the Law School of the University of Oslo and its subsidiary Norwegian Human Rights Center. Entrusted by PKULS, our social law team met with Prof. Dag Mischalsen, Dean of the School of Law of the University of Oslo. The close cooperation has clearly set the course. 

At the University of Oslo School of Law, the team held a round-table discussion on labor and social law research with Prof. Stein Evju, Prof. Johann Mulder, Prof. Marianne Hotvedt, Prof.Maria Lundberg, Dr. Zhou Yong, etc. We exchanged views on the hot issues in labor law research and discussed the next step of cooperation between the two parties. 

The team was invited by Prof. Gentian Zyberi to visit the Norwegian Human Rights Center of the Oslo School of Law. The team met with researchers from the center, reviewed the existing cooperation between the two parties, and looked forward to the subsequent cooperation and exchanges. 

On December 13, local time, Prof. Ye Jingyi and A.P. Yan Tian visited the University of Helsinki and its law school. At 9 am, Prof. Ye Jingyi met with Vice President Hanna Snellman and related scholars and representatives. Authorized by the school, Ye Jingyi and Vice-President Snellman renewed the inter-school teacher exchange agreement and student exchange agreement on behalf of the two schools. Vice President Snellman welcomed Ye Jingyi and his party and pointed out that Peking University is one of the three strategic partner universities of the University in the world and looks forward to the two universities continuing to expand and deepen cooperation. Ye Jingyi expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Heda University, reviewed the progress of the cooperation between the two universities, especially the Peking University Law School and Heda University Law School, and wished that the two universities would achieve more fruitful cooperation in more fields and deeper levels. Dr. Anna-Maria Salmi, Head of Development Programs, Department of International Affairs of the University of Huston, Dr. Erkki Raulo, Senior Advisor of Research Services, and Ulla Liukkunen The professor introduced the cooperation between the two universities in biology and law. 

At 10 o'clock, Prof. Ye Jingyi and his party met with Prof. Pia Letto-Vanamo, Dean of the Law School of the University of Helsinki, and Ula Riukuneng, Director of the Finnish China Law Center (Ulla Liukkunen) Professor. The two sides reviewed the academic cooperation and exchanges between the Peking University Law School and the Department of Law of the University of Heath, and affirmed the cooperation results achieved by the two schools in various fields of law, especially social law, criminal law, and international law. The two sides discussed the prospects for Peking University teachers to visit the Hefa University Law School for short-term visits and lectures on Chinese law courses, and agreed to continue to adopt joint meetings, mutual visits by teachers, and joint publication to promote bilateral cooperation.


At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, Prof. Ye Jingyi and his party attended the “China-Finland Labor Law and Social Law Seminar” hosted by the University of Heath Law School and the Finnish China Law Center. The seminar was held in the conference room of the University of Law School of Heidelberg. It was chaired by Prof. Riukuneng, and delivered an opening speech by Dean Leto-Vanamo and Prof. Ye Jingyi. The report was made by Jari Murto, an assistant professor at the University of Heath Law School, entitled Basic income in the Finnish context . Teachers, students, and some practitioners from the University of Heath Law School attended the meeting. The meeting ended successfully in the lively discussion among the participants. 

The social law research team of our academy paid a visit, deepened the mutual understanding with scholars in relevant fields of famous Nordic law schools, laid a good foundation for further international academic cooperation in the future, and paid attention to and understood Chinese labor law and social security law for foreign scholars. The development with social law provides an objective and real perspective.


Translated by Rosie

Edited by Rosie