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Summary of the Peking University “01” JM Scholarship Ceremony successfully held

At 14:30 pm on December 28, 2019, the Peking University “01” JM Scholarship Ceremony was successfully held in Conference Room 303 of (Leo) Koguan Building. The conference was hosted by Jiang Su, an A.P. of PKULS, and Shi Shi, the secretary of the Youth League Committee of the PKULS gave a speech. Speakers include Yuan Leiming, CEO of Zhejiang Jiaxue Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman of “01” JM Scholarship Foundation, and Ye Jianhua, the founding chairman of the foundation, Lin Haining, a member of the foundation, Yang Tao, a member of the  foundation, and Xu Shen, chairman of the Peking University Masters of Law Association. This conference was hosted by PKULS, Zhejiang Jiaxue Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Jiahu Mutual Aid Foundation, and Master of Law Association of Peking University. 

The secretary of the Youth League Committee, Shi Shi first gave a welcome speech. On behalf of the college, Mr. Shi first thanked the alumni for their support. He believes that the student aid program for J.M. students not only provides economic encouragement and help to students, but also establishes a positive connection between schoolmates and alumni. He has expressed positive views on the development of the Fund and hope that in addition to financial help, it can help schoolmates in the fields of future career development and planning, industry cognition and other fields. In the end, the epic teacher stated that the school's group study will provide strong support to the participation of social forces such as the  Fund, and jointly help the cultivation and development of talents.  

Xu Shen, Chairman of the Peking University J.M. Association, secondly delivered speeches on behalf of the Federation of Masters and Masters and Master of Laws students. Chairman Xu Shen first extended a warm welcome to the alumni and thanked them sincerely. Secondly, Chairman Xu Shen hoped which would strengthen exchanges with alumni in the future and serve as a link between graduate alumni and students at school. Finally, Chairman Xu Shen welcomed the elder brothers and sisters to “go home and see often.” 

Yuan Leiming, the CEO of Zhejiang Jiaxue Technology Co., Ltd. and the chairman of the Foundation, then introduced the relevant situation of the mutual aid between the Foundation and Jiaxue. Chairman Yuan Leiming first explained the concepts of conveying concern and helping each other with a video. Secondly, Chairman Yuan Leiming introduced the development process of Foundation and Jiaxue Mutual Aid. Jiaxue Technology was registered in June 2018, and was approved by the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau on December 12 to set up a student aid fund. The idea is to provide equal educational opportunities for every young person. In order to bridge the gap between the high economic cost of higher education and insufficient subsidies in some professional countries, I hope to get rid of the dependence of higher education on family economic conditions through alumni resources. The Foundation started in 2014, and the foundation was formally established at the end of 2015. In 2016, the first grant of scholarships was launched. As of 2018, a total of 84 people have raised more than 140,000 yuan, and 18 applicants from Peking University have funded a total of 45,000 yuan among 21 applicants. In order to accommodate more people and lower the threshold for participation, the fund is continuously improving its participation methods, feedback models, and fund management. Relying on the development of the APP, the mechanical work of the participants has been greatly reduced. Pre-tax deductions through the foundation can call for more people to join the funding ranks. At the same time, the foundation can enter into a legally valid contract with the funded person, and the funded person promises to return 3% to the fund for the future income of more than 120,000 yuan, so as to achieve sustainability. On this basis, the foundation is still in the process of continuous development. It is hoped that by the end of 2020, it will be possible to apply for full coverage of law and masters and extend the funding to the bachelor of law degree, and to achieve full coverage of law school by 2025. Inspired by Foundation, Chairman Yuan Leiming set up the Jiaxue Mutual Aid Project to reduce the economic cost of both parties by creating a personalized and convenient funding experience. At the same time, Jiaxue Mutual Aid can cooperate with the faculty, donate funds safely, and the flow of funds is transparent. Moreover, through the legal contract relationship, the recipient's feedback model can be institutionalized and systemized, so it is a new model of inheritable public welfare funding.  

Ye Jianhua, founding chairman of the Foundation, introduced the background of the foundation. The fund was affected by many bad phenomena such as the "Xiao Yueyue" incident in the society at that time. I hope that the fund can be operated on a small scale within its ability. The flourishing development of the foundation is inseparable from the support of students. Secondly, Chairman Ye Jianhua expressed his expectations to the younger brothers and sisters. In the face of difficult times, while seeking help from others, it was more important to rely on himself.  

Lin Haining and Yang Tao, members of the Foundation, further discussed the naming, concept, and audience of the fund, expressed diversified opinions on the organizational model and fund feedback model, and expressed the holding of related lectures in the future.

A.P. Jiang Su expressed his feelings and summed up the speeches among the guests. First of all, the current lack of career planning for law students is a common problem. In addition to providing financial assistance, in the future, we should actively use existing resources to cooperate more closely with schools to help students complete their studies and participate in work. Secondly, the Foundation is different from the past fund funding methods in five aspects such as philosophy, threshold, cost, trust mechanism, and sustainability. It is a new public welfare model worth exploring. The Foundation will cooperate with the the Law School to actively explore other aspects of the J.M.s in the school. 




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