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Reunion, hard-working, inheritance! 2019 “PKULS Marathon” successfully concluded

At 9: 9 a.m. on December 26, the 3rd “PKULS Marathon” · 2019 Changsha Red Half Marathon started in Changsha Orange Island with passion. 

The first “PKULS Marathon” in 2017 was held independently at the Yanyuan Campus of Peking University, and more than 600 participants were all from Peking University. The second session of the “PKULS Marathon” in 2018 is to celebrate the Winter Olympics at the Chongli Half Marathon as the largest running group in Chongli. This year’s “PKULS Marathon” joined hands with the “2019 Changsha Red Half Marathon”, and nearly 200 Peking University legal persons and relatives and friends joined the event. On the birthday of the great man, use the spirit of marathon to pay tribute to the older generation of revolutionaries, show the openness and vitality of Changsha with passion and speed, and show the style of Peking University legal person!

Although the temperature in Changsha was a bit cold on the 26th, the enthusiasm of the “PKULS Marathon” team did not affect the enthusiasm of the “PKULS Marathon” on the “most beautiful track” in the professional and attentive service of volunteers. 

The climax of Juzizhou Island is undiminished and pleasant. Changsha Red Horse’s “Combination of Culture, Sports and Tourism” has become a cultural business card with Changsha characteristics. Rich live music activities such as singing, dancing, drums, and folk music make people dizzy and create a fiery atmosphere . 

As the third running event of the PKULS, and also participated in the Changsha Red Half Marathon on the birthday of the great man, the organizing committee carefully prepared a T-shirt for “PKULS Marathon”, nearly 200 alumni runners Strength proclaims the spirit of unity, hard work and inheritance of the “Peking University Legal Person”.

PKULS Marathon” handed over this year's answer at the 2019 Changsha Red Half Marathon as a special running team. The team members said that in the future, they should give more play to the spirit of marathon in their work and life, work hard and forge ahead, and face toughness and toughness.


The “PKULS Marathon” has been successfully held for three sessions, and has received the support of leaders of schools and colleges, which has attracted the broad participation and support of alumni and the public. With “PKULS Marathon” as the brand and entry point, the Law School Alumni Association established a cultural and sports work committee, and applied for the establishment of a sports and alumni work fund, making full use of the “PKULS Marathon” brand to launch a series of cultural and sports activities to focus on alumni and promote cultural Work development, establish a broader communication platform for alumni, and establish a bond for more contact between school and society. On the basis of the previous three years, with the support of special funds, next year's “PKULS Marathon” will be upgraded to an independent event, which will be independently organized. Through professional operations and brand promotion, “PKULS Marathon” will have a wider participation of personnel , Richer content organization, and greater influence. We are looking forward to “PKULS Marathon” .


Translated by Rosie

Edited by Rosie