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Law School Holds Faculty Conference and Review Conference on the Theme Education of “Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission”

On the afternoon of December 27th, the Faculty Conference of the Law School and the theme education review and summary meeting of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind” were held in (Leo) Koguan Building Moot Court. Dean of the School of Law Pan Jianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee Guo Li, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, Xue Jun, Che Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Park Wendan, Lu Jiangnan, and staff of the PKULS attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Teacher Pan Jianfeng. 



First of all, Guo Li reviewed and summarized the development of the theme education of Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind. This semester, the School of Law attaches great importance to the theme education of “not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”. Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the School, the entire school implements responsibilities at all levels, actively mobilizes deployment, and conducts rich learning and education, investigation and research to truly do To find deficiencies, review and reflect, implement rectification, implement the requirements of the theme education, gather consensus and unite strength in the whole hospital, and create a good atmosphere of remembering the original intention and forging ahead. At the same time, Guo Li combined with the seven ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Education to publish the “Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Teacher Ethics and Morality in the New Era” emphasizing the importance of the construction of teacher morality and related key work.

Subsequently, the college leaders introduced the development of related work in their respective fields in this semester.

Guo Li summarized the internationalization work of this semester. The School of Law has continued to consolidate and innovate an effective model of international cooperation, and actively established an international academic influence platform for law at Peking University, which has achieved remarkable results.

Che Hao introduced the teaching work of this semester from the aspects of regular teaching work, undergraduate teaching reform, and postgraduate teaching reform, and expressed his gratitude to the teachers who provided support to the whole school for teaching work. 



Xue Jun summarized the development and achievements of scientific research in this semester, and encouraged all teachers to dive in and take a long-term view to continue to carry out high-quality research with connotation, quality, and influence on national development.

Park Wendan introduced the current situation of the college’s faculty and staff structure, and clarified the key breakthrough directions for the next step in personnel work.



Lu Jiangnan comprehensively summarized and reported on the annual development of students’ work, publicity and informatization work, alumni work, and financial work with multiple sets of data.

Yang Xiaolei summarized the administrative work of the college and explained the achievements and future development plans of the college in domestic cooperation and high-end training this year. 



Finally, Pan Jianfeng summarized the overall work of the college this semester. He pointed out that the PKULS will continue to adhere to the development goals of building a first-class university law school, closely focus on personnel training, academic research, teacher construction and other work priorities, summarize experiences, meet challenges, continue to forge ahead, and move forward. 


Translated by Rosie

Edited by Rosie