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"People's Educator" Prof. Gao Mingming's lecture on "How to Be a University Teacher" was successfully held

On the evening of November 21, Prof. Gao Mingxuan, the winner of the national honorary title of "People's Educator", the founder and pioneer of criminal law in China, and Peking University’s 1951 undergraduate alumni held the lecture “How to Be a University Teacher” Lectures on the theme of “Don't forget the original intention, remember the mission” for the representatives of teachers and students of Peking University. Hao Ping, Principal of Peking University, and Chai Zhen, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, attended the relevant activities. 



Before the lecture, Principal Hao Ping met with Prof. Gao Mingxuan in the conference room 303 of (Leo) Koguan Building and had a discussion with teachers and students of the Law school. Principal Hao extended a warm welcome to Prof. Gao Mingxuan's return, and paid high respect to Prof. Gao Mingxuan's outstanding contributions to the development of China's legal education and criminal law disciplines. He spoke highly of the law school's work in teaching and scientific research and talent training in recent years. He hoped that the teachers and students of the school could follow the example of Prof. Gao Mingxuan devote themselves to academic research, focus on teaching and educating people, and promote the development of Peking University's "double first-class" discipline construction. Chai Zhen, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department; Zhang Lixin, Minister of Student Affairs; Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the School of Law; Guo Li, Secretary of the Party Committee; Yang Xiaolei and Che Hao, Deputy Deans, Park Wendan and Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; A.P. Chen Xingliang, Liang Genlin, Jiang Su, Liu Zhewei, Peng Zhun and doctoral students from the law school attended the meeting. 




At the beginning of the lecture, Minister Chai Zhen delivered a speech. She said that Prof. Gao Mingxuan was the first generation of jurists and academic leaders in China, and Peking University is proud to have such outstanding alumni. She pointed out that this lecture, as an important activity of the school’s theme of not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission, is of great significance in improving the construction of the teaching staff and training high-level legal talents.



Subsequently, Secretary Guo Li introduced the development of various causes of the law school in recent years, summarized the results of the period, pointed out the goals for future development and construction, and hoped that the lecture would encourage teachers and students present to strengthen their original intentions and take on the mission for our country. The rule of law education and the construction of the rule of law have made greater contributions.  



After that, Prof. Gao Mingxuan shared his decades of teaching experience with the teachers and students on how to be a good university teacher. He pointed out that college teachers should first strengthen political beliefs, clear political directions, and be loyal to their original mission. The Communist Party of China has always played a leading role in the development of the rule of law in our country. Law teachers must improve their political standing, exert their initiative, and give play to the role of teachers in guiding students in the process of teaching and educating people.  



Secondly, university teachers should strengthen the construction of teachers' morality, take root in teaching, take teaching and education, preaching and teaching as the whole of professional life, and fulfill the sacred duties of talent training. Law teachers must continue to learn advanced educational concepts, consolidate their theoretical knowledge, adhere to academic independence and innovative spiritual character, actively participate in educational practice activities, improve the level of law teaching, and train and guide them to adapt to the new era The required high-quality legal talents provide intellectual support and talent protection for national construction.

Third, we must “three strict, four capable, and five combined” in talent training. That is to strictly require, manage and train students, cultivate students’ reading ability, translation ability, writing ability, and research ability, so as to achieve learning and scientific research, theory and practice, comprehensive mastery and in-depth focus, study China and learn from foreign countries, individual research and collective The discussions are combined.

Fourth, university teachers must learn to handle teacher-student relationships correctly, care for and care for students, respect the characteristics and interests of students, communicate on an equal footing, reasonably guide, and teach students based on their aptitude, increase interaction and mutual trust between teachers and students, and form a deep teacher-student relationship. To achieve the ideal state of teaching companionship, but also teachers and friends.

Fifth, university teachers must properly handle the relationship between teaching and research. Scientific research is the foundation and backing of teaching, which can enrich the teaching content; but if we only emphasize the teaching content without mastering the scientific teaching methods, we will not be able to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning and gain good teaching results. Therefore, university teachers should properly resolve the contradiction between the two, so that teaching and scientific research complement each other and complement each other.

Finally, Prof. Gao Mingxuan made suggestions to young scholars and teachers. He pointed out that young people should adhere to the correct political direction and focus on moral cultivation; study hard and study hard to strive for comprehensive, systematic and in-depth study of issues; at the same time, maintain a healthy and healthy physique, cultivate interest in aesthetics and the arts, and be happy. Sex, open mind.

After the lecture, Prof. Chen Xingliang spoke on behalf of the teacher. He expressed sincere gratitude to Prof. Gao Mingxuan. He said that Prof. Gao Mingxuan is a guide to the theoretical research of many younger generations of criminal law scholars, and possesses the qualities of educators, jurists, and practitioners. He is a educator of the people, an advocate of the development of Chinese criminal law, and a combination of theory and practice. Representative.



Finally, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the School of Law, made a concluding speech. He said that Prof. Gao Mingxuan told the profound connotation of being a teacher in plain and vivid language, encouraging the younger generation of teachers and scholars to strengthen their physique, cultivate their knowledge, do their job well, and live up to their national feelings. He hoped that the teachers and students present could follow the example of Prof. Gao Mingxuan, never forget their original intentions, take on the mission and contribute to the modernization of our country.  



Although Prof. Gao Mingxuan is over 91 years old, he is still struggling on the front line of education. He has fully prepared for the lecture and practiced and interpreted a people’s teacher with practical actions and discourse. The declaration of the mission of teaching and educating people is a vivid practice and typical example of the theme education of "do not forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". Faculty and students of the law school will take this as an opportunity to fully understand the rich connotation of the theme education of do not forget the original heart and remember the mission under the leadership of the predecessors' models. The theme education of Forgetting the Original Mind and Keeping the Mission in Mind will raise the work of Peking University Law School to a new level, and contribute to the construction of Peking University’s double first-class disciplines and the development of the rule of law in China.



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