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Leaders of PKULS went to Midu to investigate and fight poverty alleviation

From November 14th to 15th, Hao Ping, the principal of Peking University, led a team to study in Midu County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, to study and advance the targeted poverty reduction work of Peking University. Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS, accompanied the investigation. 



On November 14, Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS came to Micheng Township, where the School of Law is responsible for targeted poverty alleviation. Guo Li first went to Zhangqian Village Committee to investigate the industrial development, and thoroughly understood the development path and basic situation of land transfer of Zhangqian Village's "party branch + leading enterprises + farmers". In Bangtian Agricultural Ecological Garden, cucumbers are being planted in the shed. “How many seasons can be harvested in a shed? How much can be collected each season? How much is the price? How long do farmers have to work every day?” Guo Li asked with concern. After listening to the introduction of the town party committee secretary and local administrators, Guo Li affirmed the development model of the ecological park, which not only developed agriculture but also enriched the people. Later, Guo Li came to Jianlin Fruit and Vegetable Ecological Farm and Nanzhao Tiezhu Temple to conduct field investigations on modern agricultural development, protection and inheritance of historical and cultural monuments, and learn more about the local agricultural planting structure, mountain greening work, and folk customs.  




At Niemou's house, Guo Li talked with the two elderly people to understand their living conditions, causes of poverty, income sources and future plans. “Listening to the Party, walking with the Party, feeling the Party's gratitude, and thanking the Party for its policies, so that our family has been settled.”  



At present, the fight against poverty has reached the stage of decisive battle victory and comprehensive closure. The law school will, in accordance with the school's deployment, continue to take on the responsibility of helping counterparts in cities and towns, strengthen the mission, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of assistance, and mobilize more resources. Form a supportive force to provide more support and assistance for talents, education and teaching, and the development of the rule of law in Micheng Township, and help Midu County and Micheng Town to win a comprehensive fight against poverty.


Translated by Rosie

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