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2019 Lilv Scholarship Award Ceremony Successfully Held

On the morning of November 26, the 2019 Lilv Scholarship Award Ceremony was successfully held in Conference Room 303, (Leo) Koguan Building. Ms. Li Yongfen, Executive Director of Lilv Culture and Education Foundation, Mr. Li Nianzu, Director of Lilv Law Office, and Mr. Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School. The 2018-2019 academic year scholarship winners and 13 students from the law departments of three universities in Taiwan attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Ms. Zhang Jianing.

First of all, on behalf of PKULS, Mr. Lu Jiangnan extended a warm welcome to the guests and scholars from both sides of the scholastic scholarship and congratulated the winners. Mr. Lu Jiangnan reviewed the 20-year history of the Lee Law Scholarship. He pointed out that the Lilv Culture and Education Fund has made outstanding contributions to the training of professional legal persons. He said that the PKULS will continue to focus on the legal profession community with the Lilv Culture and Education Foundation. The construction and training of talents will strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between legal persons on both sides of the strait, and escort the growth of legal talents in the future.

Subsequently, Ms. Li Yongfen, the CEO of the Lilv Culture and Education Foundation, presented awards and posed for photos to the award-winning students, including Liao Hongxia, a master of law in 2017, and Liu Yijia, a master of law in 2018. The award-winning students expressed their awards, expressing their own legal experience and feelings, and expressed their gratitude for the encouragement and support given by the Lilv Culture and Education Foundation.



Ms. Li Yongfen spoke about the expectations and hopes of future legal persons. She pointed out that legal persons should fully recognize their professional positioning and social responsibility, and make a balance in achieving self and contributing to society. She also said that the Lilv Foundation has always insisted on promoting friendly exchanges between the two sides of the strait, Qualified professional legal personnel. Mr. Li Nianzu mentioned that the rule of law is the hope of social development across the strait, and outstanding legal persons are an important requirement for the progress of the rule of law. He said that the foundation’s 20-year effort is to make the rising stars realize their self-worth, and legal persons should take the needs of society, the country, and the people as their responsibilities. 



During the follow-up exchanges, the teachers and students visited the campus of Peking University, conducted extensive and enthusiastic communication and discussion, and deepened the relationship between each other. 



 The award ceremony of the Lilv Scholarship provided students on both sides of the strait with an opportunity to communicate and help young legal persons to establish ambitious ideals, nurture social responsibility, and continue to forge ahead on the road to future growth.


Translated by Rosie

Edited by Rosie