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Topic One of Comparative Law Exchange Activity Held Successfully


In the afternoon of November 8, 2019, Yin Qingyuan, Legal Counsellor of Korean Embassy in China, Dean Lee Yi-soo of Korean Legal Study Institute, and Jiang Lunya Lawyer of Korean Plaza Law Firm were invited to the class of "Comparative Law" to discuss with students on the Legal Affairs Office and Legal Study Institute, the transnational business of lawyers, and the Korean procuratorial system.



Dean Li Yixuan first introduced institution and function of Korean Legal Affair Office and the Legal Research Institute in detail, and demonstrated the development status of Sejong City in South Korea. Afterwards, Mr. Jiang Lunya shared his experience with lawyers on transnational business. Finally, Legal Counsellor Yin Qingyuan shared the comparison of China and South Korea's procuratorial system, the legal status of prosecutors and shared the practical experience of prosecutors. During the last questioning session, the students and guests had a free and enthusiastic exchange discussion on related topics. This activity helped students have a deeper understanding of Korean legal practice.



After the event, Professor Guo Li, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University Law School,  Professor Che Hao, Deputy Dean, met with all the guests. On behalf of law school , Professor Guo Li extended warm welcome to Counselor Yin and showed Siheyuan History Museum with Professor Che Hao, the guests had a better understanding of the history of Peking University Law School and our contributions to Chinese legal profession. During the meeting, both sides complimented the activities held by Dr. Min Yingmei's Comparative Law course, and conducted in-depth discussions on the exchange and cooperation of legal practice between China and South Korea. Professor Guo Li shared his exchange experience with the Korean legal academic and practical circles, and Professor Che Hao and Counsellor Yin had an in-depth discussion on the juvenile law in Sino-Korean criminal law. Dean Lee briefly introduced the simple situation of the Korean Institute of Legal Study. As a visiting scholar at Peking University Law School, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the care and support provided by law school during his study. Attorney Jiang also shared his feelings about participating in two exchange activities of practitioners in Korean law. Finally, Counselor Yin expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Peking University Law School for providing a free and open academic exchange platform, and looked forward to further development of legal academic and practical exchange activities between China and South Korea.


Translated by: Li Yue

Edited by:Li Yue