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The Twenty-second Lecture Of PKU Economic Law Forum Successfully Held


At 18: 30-21: 00, November 22, 2019, the 22nd academic lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum, "Tax-Related Criminal Defense and Tax Inspection Agency", was successfully held in Koguan Building of Peking University Law School. The lecture was presided over by Professor Ye Shan from PKU Law school and presided over by Lawyer Wang Zhaohui, senior partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda Law Firm. The lecture attracted a lot of students and practitioners from Peking University Law School.


Students attended the lecture


Lawyer Wang Zhaohui introduced the theme by explaining the importance of tax payment to individuals and countries and the key status of VAT invoice management in VAT in lieu of BT. Then, Lawyer Wang Zhaohui introduced the development of the criminal litigation of taxation, the defense thought and practical skills of the tax lawyer in dealing with the specific cases, and then talked about the problems that need attention in practice from the links of the case agency of tax inspection, and then discussed the system defects and judicial problems of the protection and relief of taxpayers' rights on the basis of the above contents.


Lawyer Wang Zhaohui delivered the speech


Prof. Ye Shan made a penetrating summary of this lecture. He believed that the contents shared by Lawyer Wang Zhaohui are rich and enlightening for both tax law learners and practitioners.


In the Q&A session, students were eager to ask questions and the speaker carefully answered the students' questions. This lecture increased students’ understanding of the tax criminal defense and tax inspection agent.


Translated by: Bian Letian

Edited by: Li Jiayi