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The 13th Peking University – Seoul University – Tokyo University Seminar on Law was held successfully

On November 1, 2019, the 13th BESETO Conference, jointly organized by Peking University Law School, Seoul University Law School, and Tokyo University Law School, was successfully held in Seoul University, Korea. This annual meeting mechanism is an important platform for the communication and cooperation among the three parties and has been held by three institutes and departments in turn ever since. PKULS was led by Prof. Guo Li,  Party Secretary of PKULS. Youngjoon Kwon, Vice Dean of the Law School of Seoul University, Prof. Guangwen Jiang, Prof. Jae-Hyup Lee, Prof. Yeong-Geol O, Ryuji Yamamoto,Vice Dean of the Law School of Tokyo University, Prof. Taro Nakahara and Prof. Gen Goto, Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS, A.P. Jiang Su and Gao Wei, Assistant Prof. Peng Chun, and LiYuanyuan, Assistant Dean and Director of External Affairs Office attended this meeting. The theme of the conference is “Comparative Law Studies in East Asia”, and the scholars choose their hot topics in academic fields to discuss.


In this annual symposium, A.P. Jiang Ru and A.P. Gao Wei of PKULS delivered two reports with vivid themes and rich contents. The first discussion was presided by Ryuji YAMAMOTO, Vice Dean of the Law School, University of Tokyo. A.P. Jiang Su gave a report entitled “Historical Perspective: The Influence of Comparative Law on Chinese Criminal Law”. Besides, he looked forward to the development of comparative criminal law, and the tripartite colleges in the field of further exchanges in the Criminal Law. The second speaker, Prof. Guangwen Jiang of the Law School of the Seoul University School, gave a report titled “The Meaning of Judicial Power in South Korea’s Constitutional Adjudication System – A Comparison with Japan.”


In the second discussion, Prof. Jae-Hyup Lee of the Law School of the Seoul University School chaired the discussion process. Prof. Taro NAKAHARA of the Law School of the University of Tokyo focused on “Tort Law in Japan from a Comparative Perspective — an Analysis of the Theory of Loss of Opportunity.” Later, A. P. Gao Wei, published a report titled “Success or Failure of the Online Dispute Settlement Mechanism (ODR)”.She explained the meaning of “online dispute resolution mechanism” from the legal and economic perspectives, and analyzed its success and failure in practical application.  



The third discussion was moderated by Peng Chun, Assistant Professor of PKULS. Prof. Gen GOTO of the University of the Law School of The Tokyo University published a report entitled “The Diversity of Asian Governance: Hypocritical Consistency.” Later, Yeong-Geol O, the Professor of the Law School, of the Seoul University reported on a "reexamination of the 'fair ownership' concept, the epistemological black hole of East Asian comparative trust law."


During the meeting, the participants made comments on or raised questions about the reports on various topics, and launched in-depth discussions. After the lively discussion, Party Secretary Guo Li, Vice Dean Youngjoon Kwon and Vice Dean Ryuji YAMAMOTO delivered closing remarks on behalf of the three schools, expressing their gratitude to the attendees. They hoped that the scholars in the three schools could learn from each other and enhance exchange, and wished the academic friendship among the three schools to last.



Contribution of the Office of External Affairs

Translated by:Yang Shuyu

Edited by: Mao Chengle