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Twenty-seventh PKU Enterprise Legal Risk Forum Held Successfully

At 8: 40 PM on November 1, 2019, the 27th Enterprise Legal Risks Forum held by the Research Center for Legal Risks Management of Enterprises of Peking University was successfully held in 314 classroom of the Second Teaching Building. For this forum, we specially invite the partners of Beijing Hande Donghui Asset Management Co., Ltd. and the Executive Director of the Investment & Financing Research Center of the Law School of the Renmin University of China, Mr. Zhang Yuan, to address the topic of "Several Important Issues Concerning Equity Enforcement". The forum, chaired by Professor Jiang Daxing of Peking University Law School, attracted students from Peking University Law School and experts and scholars outside the university.



First of all, Mr. Zhang Yuan introduced the summary of our country's enforcement. He pointed out that the development of Skynet system of property investigation, the comprehensive rollout of network auction, the multi-track determination of the value of property execution have brought about the improvement of the efficiency of our country's execution, and also mentioned the problem of evading execution by transferring property in the course of our country's execution. Secondly, Mr. Zhang Yuan gave a brief account of the summary of the implementation of equity in China. He talked about the general situation of Chinese enterprises, analyzed the difficulties in equity execution, such as difficult evaluation and unclear procedure, and introduced the related situation of the forthcoming Judicial Interpretation of equity execution. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Yuan based on our equity enforcement laws and regulations as the clue, launched a discussion on the important system of equity enforcement. From the evaluation of equity execution (such as the difficulty in estimating equity value, the difficulty in cooperating during equity value appraisal, and so on), to various problems during equity freezing (such as the confirmation of equity freezing sequence, assistance items for freezing of equity, and the term of equity freezing, and so on), to the objection of outsiders of the case in equity execution , he analyzed the important problems of equity compulsory execution, and how judicial workers cope with these problems in practice.


Mr. Zhang Yuan's lecture on the topic of "Several Important Issues of Equity Enforcement" gave the audience a comprehensive understanding of how Equity Enforcement works in practice and what problems exist. After Mr. Zhang Yuan gave the lecture, Prof. Jiang presented a thank-you note to him on behalf of Peking University China Enterprise Legal Risk Management Research Center.


Translated by: Wang Hui

Edited by: Xu Luyu