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Peking University Financial Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Supervision Advanced Seminar was successfully held

  On the morning of October 10th, the Advanced Training Course on Financial Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Supervision of Peking University was held in the B102 Room of (Leo)Koguan Building of Peking University Law School. Yang Xiaolei, deputy dean of Peking University Law School, and Wang Xin, a Prof. of Peking University Law School, attended the class. ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Yu, assistant to the director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of the School of Law and the head of the seminar.


  The ceremony first broadcasted the propaganda film of Peking University Law School. Through the propaganda film, the students formed a preliminary feeling about the historical development, school philosophy and humanistic atmosphere of the law school.


Yang Xiaolei, deputy dean of PKULS


  Next, Deputy dean Yang Xiaolei expressed his warm welcome to the participants from all over the country. He said that since the reform and opening up, China's society has developed step by step. The country needs high-end legal talents with cross-professional fields, compound knowledge background and diverse practical skills. As an important position for the cultivation of legal talents, Peking University Law School is committed to promoting the integration of legal and business, taking corporate compliance as the starting point, taking the financial industry as the entry point, consolidating the theoretical knowledge system, enhancing practical skills and experience, enhancing cross-border integration capabilities and expanding A global strategic vision to form a systematic, diversified, and integrated legal businessman training system. The Financial Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Supervision Advanced Seminar is a continuation of the company's advanced legal risk and criminal compliance business seminar this spring. It is also an important component of Peking University Law School's series of compliance courses. He looks forward to working with law school and students. Jointly explore the road of integration of legal and business, and create a new situation for the training of compliance talents.


Wang Xin, Prof. of PKULS


  Prof. Wang Xin, as the instructor of this course planning, devoted a lot of effort to the smooth development of the course. He said that financial compliance is an important means to prevent and resolve major financial risks, and it is also a key issue in the storm of strong supervision. After many violations of the rules, there is an urgent need for refined and sophisticated solutions. Peking University Law School always pays attention to the emerging field of law and keenly captures the frontier issues. This course is deeply explored by top people in the academic, practical, and regulatory circles. It is designed to provide students with the problem of excavation value. Close communication, joint discussion, teaching and learning, hand in hand, and promote the flow and renewal of knowledge and experience.


Wang Mengqi, Partner of Beijing Zhonglun (Qingdao) Law Firm


  The four-day time passed by. At the closing ceremony on October 13th, Wang Mengqi, a student who had participated in four seminars at Peking University Law School, spoke as a representative of the old students. On behalf of all the students, she expressed her gratitude to Peking University Law School and teachers. She said that this seminar invites leaders in the field of law, from the legislative background to the judicial practice, from the macro-history to the micro-jurisprudence, to teach the students to explain the lessons; the administrative team carefully arranges every link in detail, creating a convenient and comfortable Learning environment; everyone gathers knowledge sharing feasts from all over the country for common goals. The four-day study time has triggered a lot of brainstorming, updated thinking cognition and broadened my horizons. She wished all of her classmates the passion to learn for life and became the backbone of China's financial compliance construction, building a strong protective barrier for national financial development.


Lin Chuxiong, Lawyer of Guangdong Huashang Law Firm


  As a new student who participated in the seminar for the first time, Lin Chuxiong said in his speech that the beauty of the characters, the beauty of emotions and the beauty of culture of Peking University deeply infect every student who studied at the lake of Wuming. As a pioneer and leader of legal education, the School of Law has an insight into the overall situation and carries out courses on the theme of financial compliance and anti-money laundering. Teachers have built high-profile, slogan, and break through traditional cognition to build a new world of three-dimensional knowledge for the future work of the students. Provide a broader space for thinking. At the same time, he also expects law schools to constantly explore hot and difficult issues in the field of law, and provide legal people with a steady stream of knowledge and nutrients.


  Finally, Deputy dean Yang Xiaolei and Prof. Wang Xin expressed their blessings and reluctance to the students. Peking University Law School not only leads the development of Chinese law, but also has become a warm harbor for Chinese legal persons. It not only has the supply of knowledge, but also the infiltration of human feelings and social responsibility. It is expected to be in the increasingly close legal community. Individuals strive to spread their brilliance and jointly illuminate the road to the rule of law in China.


  As a special industry that manages credit, the financial industry has a deep understanding of the importance of preventing and resolving major risks, and always adheres to the lifeline of the financial industry's compliance management in order to be stable and far-reaching. As the main position of anti-money laundering, financial institutions face many new challenges under the pressure of national anti-money laundering requirements and legal responsibility. Peking University's Advanced Financial Responsibility and Anti-Money Laundering Supervision Program invites top scholars and experts in the field to explain the basic theory of compliance, guide the business practice of financial compliance, and help them adapt to the new regulatory environment and become more acute. Capturing potential risks, taking precautions, providing customers with safer and more thoughtful risk prevention and control programs, thus promoting the healthy and long-term development of financial institutions, making them in an invincible position in international competition.




  Translated by: Zhao Yongli

  Edited by: Jiang Lu