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Reunion of Alumni from 2006 LL.M. Programme at PKULS on their 10th Anniversary

When the leaves start to fall, our Alumni from 2006 LL.M. Programme return to Peking University Law School (“PKULS”) and gathered in the lecture hall of Koguan Building in the afternoon on September 21, 2019, 10 years after they left PKULS for their prosperous adventure.


Prof. Guo Li delivering his speech


Prof. Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS, kicked the start of the reunion by delivering a welcome speech on behalf of the School. Prof. Guo recalled the memorable time spent with our alumni from 2006 LL.M. Programme (“2006 Alumni”) and congratulated them for their outstanding achievements in their careers and personal lives. He ended his speech by hoping the 2006 Alumni would go home more often and wishing all of them every success in the future.


Mr. Lu Jiangnan delivering his speech


Mr. Lu Jiangnan, Party Deputy Secretary of PKULS, introduced the School’s alumni-related work and events. He sent his special thanks to 2006 Alumni for their generous and unremitting support. Their supports, together with the teachers’ efforts, enable great progress in alumni affairs in the recent years.


Prof. Yang Xiaolei delivering his speech


Prof. Yang Xiaolei, Deputy Dean of PKULS, delivered a speech. He pointed out that when 2006 Alumni were admitted, the development Chinese LL.M. programme was at its start. The understanding and support of 2006 Alumni matured the Chinese LL.M. programme. Prof. Yang opined that PKULS is now at its best development stage. He wished the alumni would continue to pay attention to and support the development of PKULS and to let the brand of PKULS shine brighter in the future.


Prof. Liang Genlin delivering his speech


Prof. Yang Ming delivering his speech


Prof. Liang Genlin and Prof. Yang Ming delivered speeches on behalf of the teaching staff. Prof. Liang recalled the moments spent with 2006 Alumni. 2006 Alumni and he had kept good company with each other over the years. Time spent together in Nanguo, Yanyuan and the Weiming Lake had fostered a intimate relationship among them. Prof. Liang expressed his gratitude for the understanding and support of 2006 Alumni to the School’s work. He hoped that everyone will continue the spirit of unity and maintained the friendship of their year. Prof. Yang congratulated 2006 Alumni for their achievements and wished them all the best in the future.


Ms. Dang Shuping, Director of the Alumni Association, introduced the WeChat platform of the Alumni Association and encouraged 2006 Alumni to actively participate in Alumni Association’s activities.


Mr. Zhong Kaiwen, alumni representative, introduced the establishment, objective and operation (including the donation regime) of the “06 Fund”. The initial capital of the “06 Fund” is RMB 1 million. It would be established as a charity trust for the purpose of subsidizing PKULS LL.M. Programmes, researches and providing financial aid to PKULS LL.M. students in substantial health peril.


Mr. Zhang Haijun, alumni representative, introduced the establishment and the objective of the “Alumni Internship Base”. He further introduced the internship unites which are currently participating in the internship programme offered.


Group Photo of Alumni from 2006 LL.M. Programme


Followed the ceremony was the free interaction session. At 16:00, the directorial team of PKULS, teaching staffs and 2006 Alumni took a group photo in from of the west door of Koguan Building. Joy and laughter marked the end of this Reunion.


Translated by: Li Jiayi

Edited by: Li Jiayi