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PKU Law School Welcome Ceremony for 2019 Fall Semester International Students Held Successfully

On the afternoon of September 6th, 2019, PKU Law School's 2019 Fall Semester International Students Welcome Ceremony was successfully held. 23 exchange students from 14 world-renowned law schools and 16 international students from the China Law Masters Program gathered together. Dean of PKULS Pan Jianfeng, Assistant Dean A.P. Chen Yifeng, A.P. Lou Jianbo, A.P. Jiang Zhuo, A.P. Cao Zhixun. Director of the External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan, and Deputy Director of the Office of Teaching Affairs Office Xu Xiaoying, attended the ceremony.


 At the ceremony, Direct Li Yuanyuan expressed warm welcome to all the international students and hoped that international students can cherish and enjoy the college's strong faculty and academic exchange resources, while international students are in the process of exchange learning. Playing the role of “ambassador” can not only attract more PKU law students to exchange overseas, they can also share the harvest of PKU with their alma mater students to inspire more international students come to PKU after returning. A.P. Chen Yifeng said that he hopes every international student can gain a deep understanding of China's legal system, Chinese language and culture through the platform of Peking University Law School. Teacher Liang Shu introduced the curriculum of Peking University Law School, focused on important topics such as class selection and withdrawal, and answered questions raised by students.


  At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, on behalf of the law school, sent warm welcome to all international students. He also introduced the development history, academic advantages and learning environment of Peking University Law School. He encouraged international students to seriously study the Chinese legal system and Chinese culture in order to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. Cao Zhixun, as the representative of the teacher, talked about his study experience in PKU and abroad. He wished that everyone would actively participate in various activities, broaden the horizons and enrich the knowledge reserves. In addition, Elinor Alice Sophie Greenhouse (Lin Yuyan), the student representative of the China Law Master Program, international student representative, Luke Finn from Northwestern University Law School gave a wonderful speech at the ceremony and expressed their big expectations in studying at Peking University Law School. As the student representative from PKULS, Chen Xinyi, shared her experiences in studying at PKU, living abroad and participating in international competitions. After the ceremony, all the attendees are invited to join the “Happy Hour” event in which they talked with each other, and had a very good time.



Prof. Pan Jianfeng Speaking


Cao Zhixun Speaking


Elinor Alice Sophie Greenhouse Speaking


Luke Finn Speaking


Chen Xinyi Speaking


In recent years, the education of international students at Peking University Law School has developed rapidly and become better. Using PKU’s inclusive spirit, PKULS not only creates valuable opportunities for outstanding students of law schools around the world to learn Chinese law, but also promotes the exchange of Chinese and foreign legal culture. At the same time, it also provides a large number of overseas exchange learning opportunities for PKULS students. It has greatly expanded the international perspective of students and improved the international development level of PKULS.



Translated by: Zhao Yongli

Edited by: Xu Luyu