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The Symposium on “Inspiring with Peking University Students - Cao Qizhen's Mind Course Trilogy”was successfully held at Peking University Law School

On the afternoon of September 18th, The symposium on “never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" themed education series of the law school, ” Talk about encouragement with Peking University students -- Cao Qizhen's heart course trilogy" symposium was successfully held in room B102 of (Leo)Koguan building.


The symposium was delivered by Ms. Cao Qizheng, vice director of the commission for the basic law of Macao of the NPC Standing Committee, the first President of the legislative council of the Macao special administrative region and President of the TongJi charity association of Macao, and the Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Research Center of Peking University, Prof. Rao Geping, presided over the conference. Scholars attended the symposium. About 100 students and teachers from law school participated in the activity, including party members, candidates, active applicants and Macao student representatives.



Ms. Cao Qizhen went to France to study in her early years and later settled in Macao. She is a famous patriotic aloha politician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. At the symposium, Ms. Cao Qizhen encouraged her students with their own struggles in their youth. Even if they were in a prestigious school, they should not forget their initial intentions and continue to struggle. She encouraged Peking University students who are in their youth to read and study hard, treat difficulties as challenges, take on the responsibility and courage of young people, and gain experience and wisdom through practice.



After listening to the sharing of Ms. Cao Qizhen, the teachers and students on the scene responded enthusiastically. Liu Wenwen, a 2018 undergraduate student and  activist of joining the Party, said that the legendary and brilliant life experience of Ms. Cao Qizhen and her spirit of persisting in innovation and perseverance are inseparable. as Peking University youth of new era, we should Bravely took over the baton, laid a solid foundation for knowledge, established aspirations, and worked hard. Chen duan hong, professor of the law school, pointed out to the students in his summary speech that the research should not only focus on the book theory, but also like Ms. Cao qizhen, experience the theory in reality, practice the theory in practice, and finally realize the leap from “reading” to “reading people”.



This symposium is the second special lecture to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland, and the theme of the school’s “Do not forget the heart, remember the mission”. Ms. Cao Qizhen’s simple sharing of the brilliance of truth, she sang her own legendary life experience, deeply expressed her concern and love for the younger generation, and guided the young students of Peking University to establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values. It is of great significance to link the value of one's own life with the development of the destiny of the nation.


Translated by: Bian Letian

Edited by: Mao Chengle