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The Farewell Ceremony Held Successfully for 2019 Graduating Class of Law School


At 9:30 am on June 25, the farewell ceremony for the 2019 graduates of law school was held in the centennial hall of Peking University. Alumni representatives, part-time tutor representatives of master of law, employers' representatives, representatives of scholarship providers and other guests from all sectors, law school teachers, all graduates of 2019 and their relatives and friends attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by professor Guo Li, Party Secretary of law school.



First, the host announced the start of the ceremony, introducing the guests and teachers.



Then the award ceremony for outstanding graduates was held. Secretary Guo Li read out the names of "outstanding graduates of Beijing" and "outstanding graduates of Peking University" respectively. 89 winners received their awards and took photos with guests and teachers.



Mr. Ji Weidong, a undergraduate alumnus of the 1979 class of law school, a senior professor of liberal arts at Shanghai Jiao Tong university and President of the Chinese Academy of Law and Society, delivered a speech on behalf of the distinguished guests at the ceremony. Ji Weidong alumni shared his unforgettable memories at Peking University Law School, encouraged the students to pay attention to the inheritance and innovation of law spirit at Peking University school. Then he inspired them to take the chance of the national overall situation, the international trend, social change and technology revolution of our times, to lead China and even the trend of world order reconstruction, and to open up a new era of the rule of law and justice of multivariate.



Professor Zhang Yongle, Associate Professor of Law School, delivered a speech as the teacher's representative. He interpreted the meaning of "law" from the aspects of ideology, culture and connotation, and the representation exists in all aspects of the world. In his opinion, graduation means that students continue from Peking University law school and enter the larger "law school" of society. Zhang's message was that we should not forget our original intention and forge ahead to achieve true fairness and justice in the future.



Daniel Kinkor, Chinese master of law and Czech international student of grade 2018, and Li Haolin, undergraduate of grade 2015, respectively spoke on behalf of the graduates. They recalled the wonderful life in Yanyuan and expressed their sincere gratitude to the school, college and teachers. They say law school gives students skills, temperament and special meaning. In the past, students kept listening and learning to improve their knowledge and ability; In the future, students will have a dialogue with the law school, integrate with the school, and strive to become "generous Peking University legal person".



At the ceremony, the valedictorian brought a chorus of "you are written in my song (law school version)". After the performance, valedictorian presented souvenirs to all the guests and teachers on the scene.



Finally, professor Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Law School, gave a speech. First of all, on behalf of PKU law school, he extended warm congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the parents, teachers and people from all walks of life for their hard work and efforts in the process of students' growth. In the parting, Dean Pan affectionate message students do not forget the original intention, do their own, and the students put forward three Suggestions: first, clear understanding of their own, to understand their basic quality and role, learn to accept their own;Second, learn to get along with others, be kind to others, respect, understand and treat others kindly; Third, constantly improve themselves, live up to the moment. He hoped that students can become a strong and independent, others praise, the needs of the country, have talent, have virtue, have feelings, let himself appreciate the good man.



With the melodious singing of yanyuan sentiment, the ceremony ended successfully. Bearing the feelings of Peking University and instructions of teachers, another session of Peking University legal staff has set sail. The inculcation of teachers, the good wishes of alumni, the sincere care of friends and relatives, and the dear farewellings of students will be the lasting memories of the class of 2019. With hope and blessing, they will go out of yanyuan and go to the ends of the earth. With the knowledge and spirit they have gained in Peking University law school, they will achieve their dreams in the struggle and write a brilliant chapter of life.


Other guests attending the ceremony: Counsellor Ratish Singh, the Embassy of the republic of Fiji islands, Mr Tao Jingzhou, the 1977 class of law school alumni and the Partner of degeneres LLP in the United States, Mr Li Hongji, a partner at law firm, the 1978 class of law school alumni and the Partner of Trading Law Firm,Li Kai, the 1980 class of law school alumni,Ms Yang Xiaolei, the 1980 class of law school alumni and the King & Wood Law Firm partner,Poet Cuo He,the 1993 class of law school alumni, Mr Fu Huiqing, the 2002 class of law school alumni and the lawyer of Da Ming law firm in Beijing, Song Xinhua and Fu Shuoying, the lawyers of Da Ming law firm in Beijing, Mr Gui Jia,the Partner of Beijing Global Law Firm, Mr He Shengwen, the 1999 class of law school alumni and the Director of the Beijing Blue Stone Law Firm,Ms Mei Lin,the recruitment representative, King & Wood Law Firm human resources manager,Sun Zhongwei,the part-time tutor of the Juris Master and the lawyer of Beijing Sun Zhongwei Law Firm, Ms Kou Xueting, the lawyer of Beijing Sun Zhongwei Law Firm, Mr Wang Chaoyong, the part-time tutor of the Juris Master and the lawyer of Beijing Capital lawyers office,Wang Zhong, the part-time tutor of the Juris Master and the senior adviser of Beijing De Heng Law Firm, Mr Wu Qun, the part-time tutor of the Juris Master and the former state administration for industry and commerce trademark office, Mr XiaoJun, the 2010 class of law school alumni and the lawyer of Wei Heng Law Firm,Ms YueHong, the scholarship donator representative and the lawyer of Beijing Strategy Law Firm,Mr Zhang Mingming, the 2010 class of law school alumni and the staff of Tian Mei Hospital,Mr Zhao Bin, the part-time tutor of the Juris Master and the staff of Qualcomm wireless communication technology (China) co., LTD.


There were also faculty members present at the ceremony: Che Hao,the Deputy Dean, Xue Jun,the Vice President, Piao WenDan,the Vice Secretary of Party Committee,Lu Jiangnan,the Vice Secretary of Party Committee,Zhang Shouwen,Wang Jiancheng , Shen Kui, Zhang Ping, Wang Jin, Zhao Xiaohai, Fu Yulin, Zhan Zhongle , Liu Yan, Lou Jianbo, Jing Jinping, Tang Yingmao, Jiang Su, Cao Zhixun, Chen Zhihong, Shi Shi, Hou Le, Dong Binyu, Jia Weiwei, Wang Mei, Liang Xian, Zhang Runzhi, Zhang Jianing, Zhu Yuqi, Guo Xingzhi,Zhang Dongxiao, Lu Xinxin.


Translated by: Luo Zhen

Edited by: Xie Zhao