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PKULS Receives a Visit and Investigation from Law School of Ningbo University


On the morning of June 26, Dean of the Law of Ningbo University, You Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Xuelan, Director of Teaching Supervision, Pu Yiwei, Associate Professor Liu Xiuchen and Office Director Xu Xiaomei visited our institute to carry out research on subjects such as discipline construction, teaching and scientific research and cultural construction of the institute. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of PKULS, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary, and Assistant Dean Liu Zhewei and Peng Yun attended the research and exchange meeting.



First of all, Dean Pan Jianfeng welcomed the delegation of the Law School of Ningbo University. He said that Peking University Law School and Ningbo University Law School had a long history and hoped that they would continue to maintain close contact in the future and carry out further cooperation and exchanges.



Later, Tou Xiaodong, Dean of Ningbo University law school, introduced the purpose of his trip. He hoped to strengthen cooperation with Peking University Law School and take part in the research on related topics of "one belt and one road". He also hoped that teachers and students from Ningbo University could have more opportunities to participate in academic exchange activities with Peking University, and invited them to participate in Ningbo. Old professors of Peking University who have been assisted by their counterparts have returned to Ningbo for a visit to learn about the development and construction of Ningbo University.



In addition, Lu Jiangnan, Liu Zhewei and Peng Yun introduced their experiences and practices from the aspects of college culture construction, teaching management and scientific research services, and exchanged warmly with the responsible teachers of Ningbo University Law School on the organization and guidance of students 'academic creation activities.



This research forum deepened mutual understanding between the two colleges in teaching, research, personnel training and cultural construction, and laid a solid foundation for promoting friendly cooperation, resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development between the two sides in the future.



Translated by: Xie Zhao

Edited by: Xie Zhao