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Associate Professor , Jiang Su, Criminal Law

Education Background
1,2001, Bachelor of Arts, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
2,2004, JM, Peking University Law School
3,2009, Juris Doctor, Peking University Law School
4,2007-2008,combined training of the doctor by US and China, America University of California at Berkeley, Law School(Supported by National Scholarship Fund for Studying Abroad)
Work Experience
1,2004-2005, editor of law in Wuhan University press
2,2008-2009,Postdoctoral researcher in Mapp Institute of foreign criminal law and international criminal law in Germany
3,2010-2012,Postdoctoral researcher in Peking University Law School
4,2012-now, lecturer of Peking University Law School
Research Field
Criminal Law, Criminology