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Associate Professor Chen Yifeng, International Law

      Education Background
      2000-2004,LLB, Nanjing Normal University School of Law
      2004-2006,LL.M., Peking University Law School
      2006-2010,Juris Doctor, Peking University Law School
      Work Experience
      2007.9-2009.8,visiting scholar in Max Planck Institute for Public law and International Law research in Germany
      2010.8-2011.1, visiting scholar in Eric Castren International Law and Human Rights Institute of University of Helsinki in Finland ,
      2011.2-2013.12,postdoctoral researcher in University of Helsinki Law School in Finland, teaching Introduction of Chinese Law, International Law and Chinese Law, Practice of International Law in China
      2013.7-2013.9, visiting Scholar in Lauterpacht Centre for International Law of Cambridge University
      2013.2, lecturer in Peking University Law School
      2014.3-now, doctoral tutor in Docent in International Law in University of Helsinki in Finland
      Research Field
      The History and Theory of International Law, The Law of International Organizations,The Responsibility of the State,International Labor Law,Chinese Practice in International Law.