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The Short-Term Program in Chinese Law

An Overview of the LL.M. Program


The Short-Term Program in Chinese Law is a non-degree Law program offered by Peking University Law School, focusing on Chinese civil and commercial law. The language of instruction is English.


Peking University is a pre-eminent university in China, best well-known for her long history, rich culture, distinguished alumni, enlightened education policies and exciting campus life. Established in 1904, the law school has become a leading institution for legal education and a potent force for legal development in China. The Law school frequently joins forces with the government, law firms and business community in the development of cutting edge legal, social and commercial policies. The Law School also has many international links and partnership programs with leading universities and legal institutions around the world.


With China‘s rapid economic growth and growing presence on the world stage, the knowledge of Chinese law has become an essential resource for international students and legal professionals engaged with China. Peking University Law School established the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law to address the needs of an international community seeking a comprehensive and systematic understanding of Chinese law from a first-rate legal institution.


This program provides an intensive instruction in Chinese law. Leading faculty members will offer Chinese law courses specially designed for international students. Teaching will comprise of both lectures and small-group seminars. In addition, Peking University regularly attracts top scholars and practitioners in Chinese law and students will have first-hand access to such distinguished presenters. There are also optional subjects in non-law areas such as politics, economy and society to facilitate students’ understanding of China‘s culture. Moreover, courses on Mandarin Chinese are available for the improvement of language skill and adaption to local residence.


The Short-term Program offers assistance to students in seeking internship opportunities at top law firms and other legal institutions in China, with a hope to avail them with a better comprehension of the Chinese legal system and its cultural underpinnings. Through the program, students can establish a solid foundation for their career development relating to China.


The duration of the program is one semester. The students can enrol in the program either in the spring semester or the fall semester. Students are required to enrol in 8 to 18 credits. There is no degree for this program. But the students can get the program’s certificate and school report card.


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