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Announcement of the 7th National International Commercial Arbitration Competition of "Zhonglun Cup"


In 1994, the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China was promulgated. In the modern sense, commercial arbitration has moved from the foreign-related arbitration of the Trade Commission to various fields of civil and commercial affairs. The administrative "100,000 industrial and commercial arbitration army" has withdrawn from the historical stage, and new domestic arbitration institutions have been set up successively. Over the past 20 years, China's commercial arbitration has developed vigorously. The number of arbitration institutions in China has exceeded 250. The number of cases handled and the amounts of objects dealt with each year have increased rapidly, making outstanding contributions to the construction of our socialist market economy. In the international field, China's arbitration institutions represented by the Trade Commission have become the new force of international commercial arbitration.

On September 7, 2018, the 13th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress announced that the amendment of the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China was included in the second category of legislative planning. Arbitration circles are jubilant and happy. The revision of arbitration law immediately became a hot topic of discussion in the 6th China Arbitration Week held in September 2018. How to form a complete system of arbitration in China and ensure the order of arbitration development; how to accurately locate the nature of arbitration institutions and establish a scientific governance structure; how to continue to develop and improve the social training mechanism of arbitrators, the standardization mechanism of arbitration industry, and the self-development channel of arbitration institutions; how to balance the responsibilities and obligations of arbitrators and arbitration institutions, and establish a more reasonable one How to strengthen the judicial protection of arbitration has become a topic of in-depth study and discussion by the legislators, arbitrators, judiciaries, lawyers, enterprises and academics in China. In this context, in order to explore and cultivate our country's international commercial arbitration professionals, to deepen the reform and legal amendment of our arbitration in the new era, to enhance the international competitiveness of our country's international commercial arbitration, and to promote the strategic process of building our country into an international arbitration center, the 7th China-Lun Cup International Commercial Arbitration Competition was launched. The following is the announcement of the collection of articles.


I. Notes for Requisition of Articles

1. Participants: legal teaching and research personnel, legal practitioners in courts, lawyers, arbitration and enterprises, students in universities and other legal workers.

2. Number of words required: the text should not be less than 8000 words, but generally not more than 15000 words.

3. The style of annotation: The standard of annotation refers to Arbitration and Law. The footnote on the front page indicates the author's name, unit, title, mobile phone number, communication address, postcode and email address.

4. Ways to solicit articles: Please send it to, the electronic document name is "Author's Name + Thesis Title".

5. Collection of articles is limited to academic papers, case studies and research reports that have not yet been published on the Internet in any form. Papers that do not meet the requirements of topic selection and word number are not accepted for comment if they have been published publicly or have been submitted or awarded in previous sessions.

6. To solicit essays, we should make sure that they are material, informative, well-reasoned, logical and precise, clear in structure and fluent in language, emphasizing the integration of theory with practice, which has high academic value and application value.

7. Authors should ensure that the prospects are original works, both Chinese and English. Authors are responsible for the copyright and reputation of the prospects.

8. Each author is allowed to submit only one work. Independent signatures are encouraged. Please keep the original manuscript.

9. Deadline: August 20, 2019.


II. Guidelines for Selecting Topics

Participants can choose their own topics.

The proposal focuses on the revision of the Arbitration Law. The contents include, but are not limited to, proposals for amending the Arbitration Law, analysis of problems concerning arbitration system or practice, problems and innovations of arbitration system and mechanism, reform and innovation of various specific procedural systems involved in arbitration rules, research and reference of the latest achievements of foreign arbitration laws and rules of arbitration procedure, etc.

Encouraging topic selection is of novelty, practicality and practical guiding significance.


III. Review and Reward

We adhere to the principle of "openness, impartiality and fairness", carry out anonymous expert review, and invite leading experts who participated in the 1994 arbitration legislation to act as consultants. After initial evaluation, review, final evaluation and academic misconduct detection, the first, second and third prizes and excellent award papers were determined, and honorary certificates and bonuses were awarded. The announcement and results of the evaluation will be published on the official website of the sponsor and the official public number of China Arbitration Week.

Specific bonus and quota settings:

First prize: 2, prize 8000 yuan;

Second prize: 5, prize 4000 yuan;

Third prize: 10, 2000 yuan;

According to the situation of collecting articles, there are also several organizational awards, special awards and excellent awards.


IV. Awards and Recommendations

During the 7th China Arbitration Week in November 2019, the sponsors will hold the award-inviting activities and the "China Youth Arbitration Forum", inviting some award-winning authors and renowned scholars and experts from the international commercial arbitration community to conduct thematic discussions together.

The organizers will select excellent award-winning works and recommend them to professional journals such as Arbitration and Law for publication.


.Contact information

Contact person: Sun Huoyi    010-82217617

Contact person: Ren Jianing  010-82504808


China Arbitration Zhou Guanwei: arbweek


Host: China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

Renmin University of China

All-China Lawyers' Association

Beijing Bar Association

Co-sponsor: Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm

March 20, 2019