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Peking University Law Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Peking University Law and Artificial Intelligence Research Center Recruitment Notice

In 2017, Peking University established the Legal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Peking University and the Legal and Artificial Intelligence Research Center of Peking University. As a new academic achievement research and development base, it fully utilized and integrated the rich disciplinary resources of Peking University to promote cross-disciplinary research. It promotes the close integration and coordinated development of legal research and application with artificial intelligence technology, actively responds to relevant problems in the real world, and creates new fields of artificial intelligence and legal cross-knowledge production and academic research.


The Legal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory focuses on artificial intelligence technology research and product development in legislation, justice, law enforcement, legal services, and the production and use of legal knowledge. The Center for Legal and Artificial Intelligence is positioned to focus on the management of artificial intelligence and legal regulation, the cultivation of talents in the intersection of law and artificial intelligence, and other related academic research and discipline construction work.


Recruitment position: 1 Scientific researcher and administrative assistant


Terms of service:


1. Master's degree, law and artificial intelligence related discipline background is preferred;


2. Proficiency in non-professional English listening, speaking and reading skills;


3. Have a good writing skills and strong research ability;


4, love scientific research, diligent and dedicated, have a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit;


Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the management of scientific research projects in legal artificial intelligence;


2. Responsible for data collection and organization of legal artificial intelligence;


3. Responsible for legal artificial intelligence project research, including relevant national policies, tracking the latest developments in artificial intelligence at home and abroad, research results, writing research reports, etc.;


4. Other temporary work assigned by the leadership.


Post treatment:


Insurance and Housing Fund, weekends, winter and summer vacation for one month;


Salary negotiable


How to apply:


1. Applicants who meet the above requirements, please send your resume and application intention to email with the subject lined “Applicable for scientific research and administrative assistant-legal artificial intelligence post”;


2. The first-time qualified person will notify me by phone or E-mail to participate in the interview;


3. Participants are required to provide:

1) Original and copy of academic qualifications and degree certificates;

2) Other relevant materials that can prove my ability and level;


4, through the interviewer to the designated hospital for physical examination, the medical examination will be accepted.


Tel: 13810449358 Teacher Ding



Translated by WEN YUTING

Edited by WEN YUTING