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Notice of Summer Overseas Internship 2019 Program and Scholarship Application

Project Name

Summer Overseas Internship Program


Project Time

July 8, 2019 - August 23, 2019


Project Instruction

The summer overseas internship program consists of two parts: the course (3 weeks) and the summer internship (4 weeks). Organized and supervised by the School of Law at the Charles University of Prague (the most prestigious university in Central Europe), hosted by the European Centre for Career Education (ECCEDU).


Three-week course:

Time: July 8th - July 26th

Location: Capital of the Czech Republic - Prague (Schengen District)

Content: The course of the project is taught by the partners of European law firms and famous professors in Europe. First-hand information and experience will be provided to participants on cross-border transactions and other specific legal issues. During the business period, students will also be organized for field visits, such as visiting international legal institutions. During the class, the questions raised by the students on the interactive teaching platform will be recorded as usual results. At the end of the second week of the lecture, there will be an exam. The exam content includes language level test questions and knowledge tests for topics learned during the project. ECCEDU will rank students with test results plus usual grades. The first student will have the right to choose any law firm he wants from the entire internship list. Then the second-ranked student picks up from the remaining positions, and so on. ECCEDU ensures fair and equitable principles for participants and partners.


Course content:

Module one

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contracts, Banking and Finance, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate Transactions

Module two

Intellectual property, law firm development, capital markets, forensic identification, media law, artificial intelligence regulation, cybersecurity, data protection, job interview skills, pharmaceutical and healthcare, procedures, telecommunications

Module three

Basic Business Law Terms and Understanding, Career Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts, Time Management, Burnout Syndrome, Public Speaking, Leadership


Four weeks of internship:

Time: July 29 - August 23

Venue: The country where the law firm is selected by the student in the Schengen area

Content: The internship of the project includes full-time 4-week internships at international law firms, domestic law firms and other international law firms in the Schengen countries, including the Prague, and legal departments of well-known multinational companies such as Siemens. In the past years, the internship units in the project include White&Case, Clifford Chance, Dentons, PwC, DLA Piper, Linklaters, EY, Bird & Bird and other more than 200 corporate legal departments and law firm. 


Extracurricular activities:

There are a number of group activities in the spare time, students can register freely. Such as organizing to participate in secret room escape, treasure hunt games, team clearance room, weekend ECCEDU will organize students for short trips free of charge, such as CK town day tour, visit to the human bone church and other rich after-school activities.


Program features

1. Coordinates the center of the European continent, full of practical skills

2. Located in the heart of the European continent, Prague, experience the blend of business in Central and Western Europe

3. Medium and long-term overseas internship program tailored for graduate students

4. Covers international business transactions, multinational corporations legal practice courses


Top legal practice experts teach in person

1. 3 weeks of instructional and practical skills sharing

2. The course content covers the core knowledge of business law

3. The lecturers are experienced in combat and are all from the management of multinational companies or law firms.


Top foreign-related legal practice internships

1. According to the results of the project exam, each graduate student will be assigned to a law firm/company for a four-week unpaid internship.

2. Interns will receive management and careful guidance from law firm/company executives to gain more valuable practical experience.


Project certificate, recommendation letter and credits

1. Upon completion of the first three weeks of training, a certificate of completion will be awarded by ECCEDU.

2. Excellent students who complete the entire summer program (teaching + internship) can submit a credit request to ECCEDU after the project is over, and the applicant will be awarded 4ECTS credits after the project ends. This credit applies to students who have a postgraduate study in the EU.

3. One week prior to the end of the internship, the student may request a letter of recommendation from the responsible supervisor of the company where the internship is held. The letter of recommendation can help the student's future employment or academic postgraduate application. ECCEDU can also give academic recommendation letters to students who perform well during the course.


Project Fee

3,200 euros ≈ 25,000 yuan

*Fee Included

1. Three-week high-intensity quality course, 30 international company representatives and industry leaders to teach practical experience;

2. After the internship and internship, the internship certificate or recommendation letter issued by the internship company;

3. The grand opening ceremony provides students with a close-up opportunity to communicate with the management and partners of the company. There is a dinner party during the period;

4. Graduation Ceremony is awarded a certificate of completion, and there is a dinner after the ceremony;

5. Airport shuttle assistance service;

6. The bus picks up the students to the field trip (2-3 times);

7. Organize short trips during the class weekend, free shuttle bus and some group sightseeing tickets;

8. Free snacks, tea, coffee and other hot drinks and drinking water during class;

9. Graduates who complete the project in Prague can apply for the 4 ECTS credits awarded by Charles University;

10. In addition to the original project, students are free to choose the courses they are interested in in other projects, which means that students have the opportunity to choose courses in 90 topics.


Apply for project

Registration conditions

1. Students studying at Peking University Law School

2. Have good English listening, speaking and reading skills (requires English level certificate)

3. Excellent grades in school, study hard, and master the basic theories, professional knowledge and basic skills of the majors.

4. Actively prepare and participate in campus interviews


Application materials

1. "Peking University Law School International Exchange Project Application Form" (click to download)

2. Personal Commitment (click to download)

3. Personal statement (English)

4. Resume (Chinese and English)

5. Course transcripts (Chinese and English)

6. Language transcripts

7. Two letters of recommendation


Application Time

Students who are interested in applying will be sent to in the form of “Student ID + Name + 2019 Summer Overseas Internship Program” before 10:00 am on March 15th, 2019 (Friday), the paper version of the application materials is handed over to the Law Office's Office of Foreign Affairs (the School of Law, National Double Courtyard 206).


Peking University Law Project Scholarship in 2019

1) Placement setting

 3 scholarships, 1600 euros for project fees

* Students outside the scholarship recipients can register voluntarily and participate in the project at their own expense after the interview.

2) Scholarship application conditions

A. Meet the basic conditions for the registration of Peking University Law School project

B. Have IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 95 or above, or other equivalent language qualification certificates. Students who do not have a relevant language certificate need to provide an English resume.

The interview time and final results are subject to the college notice



Successful applicants will receive an official invitation letter from the organizer (ECCEDU) for visa processing and will be assisted by the organizer. The fees involved in applying for a visa are not included in the project fee.


Air tickets

The organizer will negotiate the flight with the final participants and then book the flight at their own expense.


Accommodation during the project

The organizer is responsible for the unified registration arrangement and booking of student apartments at their own expense. Approximately RMB 100-132 per night (price varies according to the type of room selected)



Office of External Affairs

December 21, 201


Translated by: Wang Yanwei

Edited by: Zhu Mengyuan