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[Admissions Guide] Peking University-University of California, Berkeley International Seminar on Personal Information Protection

Jointly produced by prestigious universities in China and the United States (California), in-depth professional dialogue between well-known experts in China and the United States and Europe, as well as practical experience sharing between well-known enterprises in China and the United States, the Peking university-Berkeley international seminar on personal information protection will be held on February 25 to March 2, 2019, in California.

With the development of economic globalization and the implementation of GDPR, foreign-related markets have put forward higher requirements on data security and personal privacy. It has become an urgent task for foreign-related enterprises to understand the internationally prevailing laws and regulations on personal privacy and data protection, industry norms and government policies. To keep up with the tide of The Times and serve the society needs, Peking University Law School , on the basis of the personal information protection training class that has been successfully carried out, continues to take root in high-end talent training, to explore cutting-edge legal issues, to dig into the advantages of international resources, and to focus on cooperating with world-renowned professional colleges to carry out the domestic top and international first-class personal information protection seminar project -- "Peking university-Berkeley international seminar on personal information protection ". The workshop is dedicated to cultivating senior talents with excellent global vision and leadership in the field of personal information protection, mastering international industrial policies and laws and regulations, and having the ability to deal with relevant transnational legal affairs.

Looking forward to your participation!

I. Introduction of the Sponsor

The discipline of law of Peking University originated in 1904 and is the birthplace of Chinese modern law higher education. After a hundred years of accumulation and construction, Peking University Law School has always been in the forefront of the national law schools in terms of talent training, scientific research, discipline construction and promoting the national legal construction. In 2018, Peking University Law School ranked 21st in QS ranking, ranking 1st in mainland China and 3rd in Asia for four consecutive years.

As the best Chinese jurisprudence, Peking University Law School not only brings together many famous Chinese and foreign well-known scholars, cross-century young and middle-aged backbone for teaching and scientific research and talent in the new century, and by " Global Faculty plan", hired 20 world famous law professor and legal practitioners, all-round power the development goal of building the world-class university law school. Peking University school of law, economic law, jurisprudence, constitution and administrative law, the punishment law four national key disciplines, in the international law, civil and commercial law, litigation law, legal history, intellectual property law and so on all disciplines have very strong teaching and scientific research strength, but also in the field of law to continue education innovation, more power for China's rule of law construction.

University of California at Berkeley is a world-renowned public research University, located in east bay, San Francisco, the United States. Founded in 1868, Berkeley is the University of California's oldest ten schools. The university of California, Berkeley is based on the traditional multi-disciplinary comprehensive college of arts and sciences, supplemented by emerging disciplines and professional colleges. It has 14 schools, including the school of arts and sciences, the school of business and the school of law, and more than 100 sub-disciplines. It has rich teaching resources and extremely high research standards.

Among the four recognized authoritative world university rankings, University of California at Berkeley ranks among the top. There are more than one hundred Nobel Prize winners in related persons. Together with Stanford university in the south bay of San Francisco, the university has constituted the academic center of the western United States and made great contributions to the economy and society of California and even the whole United States.

II. Introduction of Some Teachers

Guo li: Professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University law school, Party Secretary and Deputy Dean of Peking University law school. Vice President of China bank law research association, German Humboldt scholar.

Xue jun: Professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University law school, Vice President of Peking University law school. Secretary general of Peking University research institute of rule of law and development, director of Peking University e-commerce law research center, legislative expert consultant of NPC finance and economics committee.

Zhang ping: Professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University law school, executive vice President of intellectual property school of Peking University. Director of Internet law center of Peking University, deputy secretary-general of intellectual property research society of China law society, vice president of China intellectual property research society, vice president and secretary general of China science and technology law society.

Guo yu: Associate professor of Peking University law school.

Li yuxiao: Vice president of China academy of cyberspace studies, secretary-general of China cyberspace security association, member and secretary-general of high-level expert advisory committee of the organizing committee of the world Internet conference, director and adjunct professor of Internet governance and law research center of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications.

James Dempsey: Executive director, Berkeley center for law& technology.

Paul Schwartz: Jefferson e. Peyser professor of Law, co-director, Berkeley center for Law & technology.

Erwin Chemerinsky: Dean, UC Berkeley School of Law.

Christopher Millward: President, USITO.

Samm Sacks:Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Program,New America Foundation.

Sheila Colclasure: Acxiom/LiveRamp Global Chief Data Ethic Officer.

Senior judges of the court system and other experts will also be invited to participate in the workshop.

III. Course Arrangement



IV. Project Features

Professional teaching team

Distinguished professors from Peking University Law School (China) and University of California at Berkeley Law School (USA) has long been engaged in intellectual property law and personal information protection teaching and research, and to share the most cutting-edge of academic research, presenting the most exciting international hot spots. At the same time, the project invites leading figures of science and technology enterprises, industry experts and lawyers with rich practical experience, and celebrities in the field of personal information protection to hold special lectures, so as to precisely connect and interact with students from zero distance.

Diversified course design

Located in the world famous high-tech industrial zone, the senimar not only introduces the theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to personal information protection in detail to the trainees, but also holds special seminars on hot and difficult issues in the field of personal information protection in the era of big data, and encourages them to participate in the international BBS and world dialogue.

An international communication platform

During their stay in the United States, students will visit Stanford university and other world-renowned universities, visit Facebook and other internationally renowned technology companies, and get a better sense of the advanced concepts and achievements of personal information protection in China and the United States. In order to further expand the international vision, project members will participate in the "privacy and network security framework: cross-border alliance and compliance between China and the United States and Europe" BBS, listening to the voices of high-end talents from around the world, to help future development.

V. Enrollment Information

(1) enrollment target

Internet and data business managers and legal staff, lawyers and media practitioners.

Note 1: formal students are required to sign the "Peking University social enrollment non-degree continuing education training program agreement".

Note 2: party and government organs, public institutions, state-owned enterprises and other public officials are not allowed to attend or audit.

(ii) enrollment scale

20 people. After approval, it shall be successively accepted in accordance with the enroll order.

(iii) registration process

Submit the application, check and approve, pay the tuition fee, confirm the financial affairs, get the admission notice, and report for enrollment.

(iv) registration instructions

1. One copy of my 2-inch color photo, together with the application form (see the attachment), should be sent to in a compressed packet with the email title of "personal training course registration + name + phone number".

2. The deadline for registration is Friday, February 15, 2019.

(v) teaching arrangement

Class time: February 25, 2019 - March 2, 2019

Where: university of California, Berkeley, USA

Teaching format: course, BBS, visit

Teaching languages: English and Chinese

(vi) training expenses

48,000 RMB/person, including learning, research, textbooks, materials and other related expenses during the training. (note: accommodation and transportation are not included.)

Note: 1. The training fee will be collected and issued by Peking University.

2. The relevant fees will not be refunded for those who do not participate in the training due to personal reasons after the class starts.

The account information is as follows:

Recipient: Peking University

Account number: 0200004509089131151 (full 19 digits)

Account bank: industrial and commercial bank of China Beijing Haidian west district branch

Deadline for payment: February 15, 2019 (only by transfer or remittance)

Please indicate the training fee of pku letter protection class when transferring or transferring money

(7) certificate award

Those who have completed the required courses and passed the assessment will be awarded the "completed certificate of Peking University-University of California, Berkeley International Seminar on Personal Information Protection ".

(8) special declaration

The organizer reserves the right to adjust the program (including time, place, faculty, schedule, etc.).

Vi. Contact information

Domestic cooperation office of Peking University law school

Contact person: Mr. Jia, 010-62766926

Teacher wang 010-62767331

Fax: 010-62756542


Address: No. 5, yiheyuan road, haidian district, Beijing

Room 311, kaiyuan building, law school, Peking University

Zip code: 100871


Related attachments:

Application form


Translated by: Ren Danni

Edited by: Zhu Mengyuan