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[Foreign Affairs] The University of Tokyo Law School Summer Program is now open for application in 2018

University of Tokyo, Japan:

The University of Tokyo is a world-renowned research-oriented comprehensive university located in Tokyo — capital of Japan, founded in 1877, which is one of the earliest western universities in Asia. The university currently has 28,000 students, of whom 3,300 are international students, and the internationalization rate is 11.8%. The university has 10 departments, 15 graduate schools, 11 affiliated research centers and 13 university research centers. Up to now, it has a total of 8 Nobel Prize winners; Among the 62 Japanese Prime Ministers, 15 have graduated from the University of Tokyo.

Tokyo University School of Law:

The University of Tokyo Law School can be traced back to the Department of Justice of the Japanese Ministry of Justice in 1872, and the Department of Law of Tokyo Kaicheng College established by the Japanese Ministry of Education in 1873. Since then, the law school has become the research center of Japanese politics and law. The Law School of the University of Tokyo focuses on the combination of law and politics. Here, students can fully study Japan’s legislative, administrative, and judicial systems. The Law School’s legal library is equipped with advanced facilities and contains 800,000 volumes of legal and political books. So far,, the law school has trained more than 60,000 students.

Peking University School of Law and University of Tokyo School of Law are cooperative institutions. The University of Tokyo Law School offers 3 free tuition-free places for students of Peking University Law School. The details are as follows:

Applicant Qualifications:

Master or doctoral students who is studying in Peking University Law School

Project Time:

August 1 (Wednesday) to August 11 (Saturday)


  • August 1st (Wednesday): Arriving in Japan
  • August 2nd (Thursday): Participate in Japanese law lectures held at the University of Tokyo and visit Japanese courts
  • August 3rd (Friday): Attend a workshop at the University of Tokyo
  • August 4th (Saturday): Departure from Tokyo to Human Resources Development Center, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture, Atami) to attend summer courses
  • August 9 (Thur): Summer Course Assessment and Return to Tokyo
  • August 10 (Friday): Free time
  • August 11 (Saturday): Leave Japan

Project Theme:

"The Introduction to American Law"


Charles W. Mooney Jr. Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph Hoffmann Professor, Indiana University, USA

Tom Ginsburg Professor, University of Chicago, USA

Christopher Hanna, Professor, South Methodist University, USA

Veronica Taylor Professor, Australian National University

S.I. (Stacie) Strong Professor, University of Missouri, USA

Project Cost:

Projects undertaken by the University of Tokyo:

All hotel accommodation fees during the day (August 1st - August 10th)

All fees for summer courses (including tuition, meals (morning, morning, evening), transfer to and from Tokyo University - Human Resources Development Center and Tokyo University - Mitsui & Co., Ltd.) (August - August - August 8th)

Premium during the project.

The costs incurred by the participants themselves:

International airfare to and from China---Japan

Transportation and meals during Tokyo (August 1-4, August 9-11)

Application materials:

1. "Peking University Law School International Exchange Project Application Form" (please click Download);

2. Personal Commitment (please click Download);

3. Resume (Chinese and English);

4. Personal statement (in English);

5. English language report card (if any);

6. Course transcripts (Chinese and English)

Application Method:

Interested students are requested to send electronic application materials to the email ( in the form of “Student ID + Name + 2018 University of Tokyo Law School Summer Program” before 11:00 am on May 18, 2018 (Friday). Besides, a hard copy of the application materials should be sent to the Law School's external office (the Office of Law School's National Double Garden 206 Office).

Note: The college will conduct preliminary examinations and interviews with applicants. Once admitted, the college will not be allowed to give up.


Translated by:Li Jiaying

Edited by: Wang Chenhuan