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Lecture notice——Artificial Intelligence Issues and Challenges


Prof. Benjamin L.Liebman- Director of China Law Research Center ,Columbia University Law School. Research focuses on Chinese courts, Chinese tort law, Chinese criminal procedural law, and popular opinion and populism's influence on Chinese legal system.



Yang Xiaolei-Vice Dean of Peking University Law School,the Executive Director of Legal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Peking University



-Prof. Zhang Ping, Peking University Law School

-Prof. Wang Cheng, Peking University Law School

-A. P. Zhang Jiyu, Renmin University of China (RUC),The executive director of the Future Law Institute

-Huang Linna, Deputy General Manager of Hua Yu Yuan Dian


Time: 2:00 pm, April 25th, 2018

Adress: 307 meeting room, (Leo) Koguan Building,Peking University Law School





Translated by: Gong Wen

Edited by : Peng Yuchen