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Peking University – Waseda University School International Leadership Program has been opened for application



 Environment and Energy Issues and Regional Economy


- August 6 - 12: Two teams from China and Japan study in Japan;

- September 1 - 6: Two teams from China and Japan study in China


Tokyo, Fukushima. Japan; Beijing, Shandong, China


10 teachers and students from Waseda University; 10 teachers and students from Peking University



Waseda University is named after Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University. It is a formal curriculum project that was created by Japan’s most influential political news critic, Prof. Soichiro Tahara of Waseda University and Prof. Murata Makoto of Waseda University with aim of cultivating youth leadership. Through organizing Japanese elite students to participate in various social practice activities, the project enables students to deeply engage with society, discover social issues, and pay attention to national and international development.

In 2018, Waseda University School and Yongde Hall of Japan joined hands with Peking University Law School to conduct one-week courses in Beijing, Shandong, and Tokyo and Fukushima, Japan. The current project will focus on “energy and environmental issues and regional economy”. As the theme, 20 outstanding Chinese and Japanese students are invited to conduct face-to-face interviews with politicians, policy practitioners, and environmental agencies in China and Japan, and visit Japanese and Chinese communities to conduct research and eventually form a report, and have access to the government adoption.



1.Energy/Environment lecture: taught by a former Japanese Prime Minister

2.Corporate education (eg Panasonic, etc.); Visit of the Japanese Parliament, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

3.Ookuma School Leadership Workshop

4.Fukushima nuclear power industry status survey (Japan Fukushima nuclear leakage problem is no longer dangerous, and the organizers absolutely guarantee safety!)

5.Form and display reports, including reflections on the current state of energy, the role of governments and enterprises in them, the observation diaries of the status quo of the nuclear power industry, and the impact of energy/environmental issues on the local economy, etc.


Activities in China:

1.Talk about “under the dome” with Chai Jing, a well-known reporter who conducted an in-depth investigation on the air pollution problem in China

2.Discussing China's energy and environmental governance issues with Chinese NGO organizations such as the Public Environmental Research Center and Friends of Nature

3.Dialogue on energy and environmental protection with experts from the Ministry of Environment and Resources Protection and professors at Peking University

4.Exchange with China Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Representatives

5.Visit related institutions and projects in the environmental field

6.China's rural governance survey


  • Attention please: It is a tentative schedule above. Specific schedule is subject to the pre-departure notice.



What gains:

- As an outstanding youth in China, pass on the friendly side of China;

- Understand Japanese culture, participate in the planning and implementation of regional affairs, and enrich experience;

- Cultivate the decision-making power and dynamism of becoming a world leader in the future;

- Have the opportunity to climb the international employment and entrepreneurship stage and explore more possibilities for yourself;

- To make outstanding small partners in China and Japan, human relations reach out to the world;

- Pay more attention to the development of the international community and cultivate its ability to integrate into and adapt to the international community


Fees and registration requirements:

Total cost is ¥15,800 (including China-Japan transportation, floor accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.)

Attention please: Partial scholarship will be supported


Registration requirements:

If you:

Loves the motherland and is interested in the cultural exchanges between China and Japan and has unique insights

Students of any grade and any major in Peking University

Proficient in using English to communicate (Japanese will be preferred ~)

Strong cross-cultural communication, collaboration and teamwork skills

There are only 10 places in the school, if you meet the conditions,

Sign up now~


Application materials:

·" Application form of Peking University - Waseda University Ookuma School International Leadership Program " (click to download);

·Resume (Chinese and English);

·Individual application (concise clarification of the purpose of the application, reasons for the application, and understanding of the subject matter of the project, English & Japanese);

·Language transcript (if language scores are available, both Japanese and English are acceptable);

·Course transcript (Chinese and English);

·Passport information page (PDF scan)


Application method:

Interested students are requested to submit the electronic version of the application in the form of "Student ID + Name + College + 2018 PKU - Waseda University Ookuma School Summer Program" before 11:00 am on April 16, 2018 (Monday) to The hard copy of the application materials will be sent to External Affairs Office of Peking University Law School (206 Office of the Law School's Guoshuang Courtyard).


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Translated by: Lu Liangchen


Edited by: Li Jiaying