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List of Experts and Scholars Attemding " Economic , Internet and Legal System Forum"

Professor Wu Zhipan , Executive Vice President of Peking University

Dr. Wan Bentai , Chief Engineer of the State Department of Environmental Protection

Mr. Zhang Xuguang , Vice President of the National Development Bank

Dr. Huang Yi , Vice President of China Construction Bank

Professor Ye Jingyi , Deputy Party Secretary of Peking University

Professor Shao Jingchun , International Economic Law Institute of Peking University

Dr. Eric K. Clemons, Professor of the Wharton School , University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Stephen Alan Barnett, Senior Researcher at the Wharton School of the World Economic Forum in Davos permanent expert

Mr. Xie Weixian , Beijing Zhongguancun Science City , President

Dr. Liu Fengming , Vice President of Greater China, the U.S. General Electric Company

Private Economy Research Mr. Zhao Xiaozhe , vice president of Peking University

Lieng-Seng Mr. WEE, Wharton senior researcher , founder of the New York Dragonfly Co.

Ms. Judy LEE, Senior Fellow Wharton , founder of the New York Dragonfly Co.

Dr. Qi Hong, Rui Yi Investment Co., Ltd.

Professor Liu Junhai , Director of the Institute of Renmin University of China Business Law

Professor Zhang Ping , Executive Vice President of Intellectual Property School, Peking University

Dr. Yang Guohua, Deputy Director of the Treaty and Laws Department of China‘s Ministry Of Commerce

Dr. Mei Xinyu, Researcher of Chinese Academy of InternationalTrade and EconomicCooperation (CAITEC) under the Ministry of Commerce.

Mr. Xi Xiaohong, Vice President of China Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Managing Partner Mr. Tao Jingzhou lawyer, Managing Partner of Dechert LLP, responsible for the Asian Business


Translated by: Zhang Sheng

Edited by: Zhou Yingzi