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The International Law Students’ Association (ILSA PKU)

The International Law Students‘ Association (ILSA PKU) was established in March 2003. ILSA is a cultural, social and academic platform for students of Peking University. We especially focus on organizing and participating in international exchange program and inter-school activities related to legal field. Through various functions and opportunities, we hope that students can widen their horizon and equip themselves with knowledge and skills which enable them to excel in their future career.

ILSA PKU is mainly divided into three departments: Overseas program, moot court and mentorship scheme.

1. Overseas program

As one of the members of Asian Law Student Association (ALSA), ILSA has participated in a lot of international exchange programs held by different ALSA members, including Korea, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Every year, members of ALSA would organize Annual Conference (AC), Annual Forum (AF) and study trip. In AC and AF, ALSA members would send representatives to the host country and participate in table discussions, forum, lectures and visit about certain topic. Apart from academic learning, cultural exchange is also an indispensable element in AC and AF. With Welcome Party, Cultural Night and Farewell Party, students can experience different cultures and share their own cultures with students around the world.

In February 2009, ILSA PKU was much honored to be the host of AC as this was the first time for AC to hold in China. This year’s topic was “Sexual Discrimination”. Participants did not only actively engage in table discussion and forums, but also visited a lot of famous tourist spots in Beijing. AC 2009 has been an excellent experience to ILSA.

2. Moot Court

In order to train students’ critical thinking and oral skills, ILSA holds inter-school Moot Court and debate competitions. Organizing Moot Court with other prestigious law schools such as Tsing Hua University and Chinese University of Political Science and Law, students can take part in simulated court proceedings, draft briefs and engage in oral arguments.

3. Mentorship Scheme

ILSA has introduced Mentorship Scheme through which students can benefit from meeting with a graduated student, lawyer or people who excel in legal field on a regular basis. We arrange monthly meetings so as to ensure that mentors and mentees have enough interactions. Besides, we would organize visit to different law firms so that students can take a glimpse at lawyers’ real life and understand the structure and operation of law firms.