Career Development Office

Career Development Office of PKU Law School mainly serves for all the students of law school, especially the graduates, and corporations which have been given the permission of superior department and qualified for engaging the graduates.

The basic responsibility is to carry out the obtaining employment policy from the government, carry out the opinion of the obtaining employment instructing center of our university , and based on this, establish system and flow for the employment work of law school; offer certificates for the students, manage exercitation and recommend jobs, transact signing contract issues for the graduates, assort with the archives office and registered permanent residence office to accomplish the dispatch of the graduates' archives and registered permanent residence; set up kinds of experimental exercitation base to promote practical operating and competing ability of our students and make plans for them, provide guidance and advice to help them understand themselves and society adequately, so they can make a good plan on life and career; collect and promulgate graduates' information and the information of jobs and exercitations, hold meetings for students and corporations, to be the bridge between the two sides, create better opportunities and conditions for the meeting between law school and corporations and the bidirectional choice between graduates and corporations; cooperate with the obtaining employment instructing center to complete missions and do good in instructing and serving the students obtaining employments.

The Career Development Office has set up a website for the information of jobs as a platform for the communication and cooperation of students, school and corporations. The website can be browsed through “homepage of PKU—schools & departments—law school—Career Development Office ”.

Address: Room 201 Koguan Building