Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is an administration office managing and servicing all current students at Law School. This office mainly takes care of the daily management of students, the education of thought, the mentally health tutorship, the awards and supportive, and the management of international transfer project.

The office aims for serving the students, on the base of fulfilling its daily management duty well, the staff get to know what the students' are thinking, getting students encouraged, helping students shape their future plans, by chatting with students, in addition, they also provide a launching pat to broaden students' horizon and make students fully developed. Through screening financial-supportive students and help them in finance, they create a necessary precise for encouraging the students standing on their own and reaching their dreams.

The Office of Student Affairs will devote itself to helping every law students achieving their dreams!

Place of the office: Room 201 Koguan Building
Phone Number: (8610) 62755078