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The Student Union of Law School, PKU (PLSU)


The Student Union of Law School, PKU, founded in 1985, is renowned in fields such as academics, entertainment, the media and the services for the faculties and students of the Law School. PLSU has been devoting itself to facilitating the faculties and students of Law School in all aspects meanwhile dedicating on its own construction, and the effort in the past is now reflected by the fact that PLSU now proudly stands out on as one of the largest-scaled and most influential student unions on college level in China.

The PLSU consists of one president, 3-4 vice-presidents, the debating team and 6 departments which respectively are in charge of the fields of academic and legal practice (Department of Academic & Legal Practice), student services (Department of Service), entertainment (Department of Art & Sports), public relationship (Department of Public Relationship), propagandizing (Department of Propagandizing) and financial matter (Department of Secretary). All the members of the PLSU are committed to the union and each part of the PLSU cooperates to make the best of the work.


The mission of PLSU is to improve law school students’ life on campus and open ways for them to know more about their options for life. Thus we provide various daily life services, academic events such as lectures and professional forums, legal practice opportunities and social activities in order to make students’ life more enjoyable, substantial and meaningful. Some distinguished activities of PLSU are as follows:

1. The United Moot Court

2. The Inter-university Forum

3. The Campus Forum

4. The “Richan” Lecture Competition

5. The Freshmen’s Sports Competition Series

6. New Year’s Evening

7. The Legal Academic Lectures

8. The Moot Court Competition of Law School, PKU

9. Journey To The Future Lecture Series

10. The Debating Contest



There are two reasons. First, the Student Union will have an impact on your experience at Law School, PKU. Second, you have the opportunity to have an impact on the Student Union as well. Please read on for a little further about each of those two reasons.

The Student Government will have an impact on your experience at Law School, PKU. We run several popular programs, which give you chances to listen to the prestigious scholars in PKU and oversea schools as well as develop your skills in the real-world legal practice and interpersonal ability. In addition, the Student Union will also be your primary conduit to the professors and the real-world. Through organizing various activies you will meet judges, professors, lawyers, and negotiate with the potential sponsors of PLSU, and those will be the experiences you accumulate on your way to the real world.

You can also have an impact on Student Union by becoming a member yourself! Joining Student Union is a great way not only to help your fellow students but to become connected to the inner workings of the law school. We sincerely believe that your creativity, fervor and inspiration will be precious to our PLSU and make it a better student organization.

We also welcome suggestions to PLSU and we encourage you to participate in our events held regularly throughout the semester. We work on issues large and small, each is for your convenience and benefit.