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2015 Peking-Oxford-Stanford Internet Law and Policy Conference Held Successfully

On November 23th-24th, 2015, the 4th Peking-Oxford-Stanford Internet Law and Policy Conferenceheldsuccessfully in University of Oxford. Zhang Shouwen,dean of PKULS ; and Wang Xixin,vice dean of PKULS; and Zhang Ping , Yang Ming ,professor of PKULS, attended the meeting and made a speech.

Thetheme of this meeting isArcs in Internet Regulation: Assessing New Directions.The topic for discussion involved the current situation and development tendency of our right to be forgotten and digital rights;new business models and Internet security;the new technology and the court; how to improve the quality of life in less developed areas through Internet and so on.

The meeting’s opening ceremony was heldinMagdalen College in Oxford lecture hall, at 9 a.mon November 23th, 2015.ProfessorZhang Shouwen,dean of PKULS; Professor Anne Davies, dean of Oxford Law School; Professor Michael Klausner, dean of Stanford Law School; and Brent Irvin, vice President and general counsel of Tencent, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.
Through two days’heated discussion, 2015 Peking-Oxford-Stanford Internet Law and Policy Conferenceushered in the closing ceremony. Professor Monroe E. Price, and Professor Zhang Ping, and some people made a speech in order. And they expressed their thanks for all the guests,the meeting’s organizer and donors. Finally, They expressed their expectation to the next meeting.

Translated by: Xie Chunhui
Edited by: Deng Bowen

Date: 2015-11-23