Full-time Faculty

Professor Zhang Qianfan, Constitutional and Administrative Law


Educationl Background
1984-1989, Doctor of Physics, Carnegie-Mellon University of USA
1990-1992, postdoctor, University of California,USA
1992-1994, advanced study in Laws, University of Maryland, USA
1995-1999, Doctor of Governmental Theory
Work Experience
1999-2002, professor, Nanjing University Law School
2002-now, doctorial tutor, major of Economic Administrative Law, Nanjing University
2003-now, professor, Peking University Law School
2003-now, visiting professor, Research Center of Constitutionalism and Rule of Law, Renmin University
2002-now, director, Constitution Society of China Law Society
Research Field
Constitutional Jurisprudence, Comparative Constitutional Law, Chinese Constitution, Principles of Constitutionalism

Date: 2014-09-17