Full-time Faculty

Professor Wang Shizhou, Criminal Law

Educationl Background
1982, Bachelor of Laws, Peking University
1985, Master of Laws, Peking University
1988, Master of Laws, UC Berkeley University Law School
Work Experience
1985, teaching assistant, Peking University Law School
1987, lecturer, Peking University Law School
1993, associate professor, Peking University Law School
1994-1996, visiting research fellow, Humboldt Foundation
2001, professor, Peking University Law School
2003-now, doctorial tutor
2004, visiting research fellow, K.C. Wong Foundation of British
2007-now, part-time professor, Huaqiao University and Stanford University
2011, Humboldt Academic Ambassador
Research Field
Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, Foreign Criminal Law, European Criminal Law

Date: 2014-09-17