Full-time Faculty

Professor Guo Li, Economic Law




Peking University Law School, LL.B. (Economic & Int’l Economic Law)

Southern Methodist Univ. Law School, LL.M. (Int’l & Comparative Law)

Peking University Law School, LL.D. (Int’l Law)

Harvard Law School, LL.M. (Int’l Finance Concentration)


Professional Experience


2005——                   Peking University Law School, Lecturer; Associate Professor; Professor

2008——2009         Cornell Law School, Visiting Professor

2003——2005         Peking Univ. Guanghua School of Management, Postdoctoral Researcher




1.         Research Handbook on Shareholder Power (edited by Hill & Thomas, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015, UK)

2.         Mergers and Acquisitions and Takeovers in China (with Rizzi & Christian, Wolters Kluwer, 2012, US)

3.         Chinese Business Law (Securities) (edited by Bu, C. H. Beck & Hart Publishing, 2010, UK & Germany)

4.         Is Australia’s “Twin Peaks” System of Financial Regulation a Model for China? Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol.46, Part 2-3 (2016, HK, SSCI)

5.         Chinese Style VIEs: Continue to Sneak under Smog?, Cornell International Law Journal, Vol. 47, Issue 3 (2015, US, SSCI)

6.         In Search of a Place in the Sun: The Shadow Banking System with Chinese Characteristics, European Business Organization Law Review, Vol. 15, Issue 3 (2014, UK, SSCI)

7.         The Fledgling Securities Fraud Litigation in China, Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol.39, Part 3 (2009, HK, SSCI)

8.         Financial Holding Company or Universal Bank? - A Comparative Note on the Latest Amendment to China’s Commercial Bank Law Art. 43, Banking Law Journal, Vol. 121, No. 10 (2004, US)


Research Areas


Economic Law, International Economic Law, Law and Finance, Commercial Law, Comparative Law

Date: 2014-09-17