Short-Term Program in Chinese Law

Course List

Fall Semester

Chinese Civil Law                                         (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Company Law                                     (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law                 (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure                  (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Judicial System                                     (Credit Unit: 2)

Legal Chinese                                            (Credit Unit: 2)

Fieldwork                                               (Credit Unit: 1)



Spring Semester

Chinese Economic Law                                    (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Foreign Investment Law                             (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Intellectual Property Law                            (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Civil Procedure and Arbitration Law                   (Credit Unit: 3)

Chinese Contract Law                                      (Credit Unit: 2)

International Law as Applied in China: Theory and Practice        (Credit Unit: 2)

Fieldwork                                               (Credit Unit: 1)

Date: 2015-12-03