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The 24th Forum of Peking University Competition Law

In April 25, the 24th “Forum of Peking University Competition Law” was successfully held by Peking University competition law research center in meeting room 307 in Koguan Building. This BBS was themed by “Several Heated Discussions of Internet Unfair competition in Judicial Practice”, lectured by Beijing intellectual property court Judge Feng Gang and hosted by Xiao Jiangping, the director of Competition Law Research Center of Peking University.

Feng Gang has been in judicial practice for a long time since he graduated from Peking University law school. He was the Intellectual Property Court Vice President of Beijing Second and Third Intermediate People's Court. He has hosted more than 900 intellectual property cases, and was involved in even more than 1,600.


The lecture of judge Feng Gang developed from four aspects: the development and characteristics of network services; Types of disputes between large Internet companies; the prerequisite for "Anti-Unfair Competition Law”; Five relations of network unfair competition. He pointed out that the services provided by the network company continue to expand to other areas, and the conflict between internet companies grows day by day. For example, some automatically install software or uninstall software of their competitors without the user's knowledge. As for the prerequisite for "Anti-Unfair Competition Law”, judge Feng Gang noted the existence of competitive relationship determines whether or not a prerequisite for the application of the law. As for the five relations of network unfair competition, judge Feng Gang researched from five studies: the relationship between laws and other forms of specification; The relationship between general rules and specific rules of the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law"; Relationship between protecting operator and protecting consumers; The relationship between business model and technological innovation; He shared the standard adopted in judicial practices with teachers and students, and raised his confusion to explore with us.

In the interaction session, Feng Gang judge positively answer questions, and make some suggestive questions to guide us to think. The BBS drew to a close in enthusiastic discussion. Jiang Tao, the director of Policy Research of Ali Group also participated in the discussion and review on network unfair competition. Moderator Xiao Jiangping gave a high evaluation for the wonderful lecture of the judge Feng Gang. He stressed that inviting legal experts to explain the practical issue of competition law is of great significance for enhancing competition practical talents.


Translated by: Huang Xiao

Edited by: Xia Jing