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The 18th Academic Salon Held Successfully

The 18th academic salon of law school was held successfully on April 17th at Room 307, Koguan Buiding. The theme of the salon was “how to figure out the relationship between commercial law and civil law”. Professor Wang Wenyu from Taiwan university law school was the speaker. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of the school of law, and Pan Jianfengthe party secretary as well as other professors also attended the meeting.

First, professor Wang Wenyu introduced the dual structure and form of civil law and commercial law by the specific case. Then, professor Wang expounded the important performance of diversified commercial law, which is the development of the department, and explained the effects of internationalization commercial law. At the same time, he figured out the relationship between civil law and commercial law, shows the unity of civil and commercial experiences in Taiwan. Professor Wang also put forward his own suggestions about the compilation of mainland commercial law and civil law.

Later, the teachers discussed about the topics as follows: the attitudes towards the discrete of civil law and commercial law, how to resolve the problem, lack of commercial law in the mainland, the basic theory of administrative contract in Taiwan, the legislation and operation difficulties of the unity of civil law and commercial, many teachers participated in the discussion, professor Wang answered the questions one by one.

The salon on the position of civil law and commercial law were discussed in detail. Teachers combined legislation and judicial practice in the continental law system, put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction and improvement of the civil law system in our country. They put forward several valuable suggestions for the development of civil law and commercial law in our country.

Translated by: Huang Xiao

Edited by: Tang Yaqi