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The 16th PKULS Academic Salon Held Successfully

The 16th academic salon of PKULS was held successfully on April 3th at Room 307, Koguan Buiding. The theme of the salon was “the relationship between common law and codified law”. Keynote speaker was Prof. Li Honghai from PKULS. Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of PKULS, and Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and other professors from PKULS attended the meeting.

First, Prof. Li Honghai introduced the history and origin of codified law by analysising problems that common law are facing with. Subsequently, professor li introduced the development of common law, and stressed the importance of UK codified law. At the same time, he put the UK codified law compared with the development of China codified law, points out the development level and characteristic of China codified law. He also published his own views on codified law and common law’s mutual influence and the jurists’ attitude of the legal system problems.

Later, the other professors discussed the practical application of invalid ultra vires principle, the conflict between the European Union codified law and English common law, the role of English Kings in legislation, case and the legal effect of judicial interpretation.

The salon has carried on a deep discussion. Teachers pointed out the different development and application of common law and codified law, reflecting law researchers’ different attitudes on the two legal system, it can help to clarify the structure of common law and statute law.

Translated by: Huang Xiao

Edited by: Xia Jing.