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Peking University Law School's comparative law topic 1 practical exchange activities were successfully held

On the afternoon of October 30, 2018, Zheng Xiaosan, the Legal Counselor of the Korean Embassy in China, and Mr. Yuan Lung, the lawyer of the Korean Sejong Law Firm, and Jiang Lunya, the lawyer of the Korea Plaza Law Firm, were invited to the "Comparative Law Topic 1" class to exchange views with the students on the theme of the Korean prosecutor system, judicial examination and legal profession. Zheng Xiaosan, in conjunction with his own prosecutor's experience, taught the students the topics of the China-Korea Prosecutorial System Comparison, the functions of the Legal Department, the functions of the Office of the Ombudsman, the duties of the Prosecutor, and the Korean criminal justice process. Yuan Zhongzai and Jiang Lunya also shared their experiences with classmates in working life. During the exchange meeting, the students and the guests conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and the atmosphere of the event was warm and free.





After the event, Prof. Yang Xiaolei, deputy dean of the Law School and Prof. Chen Yongsheng met with the counselor Zheng Xiaosan and his entourage at the meeting room 305 of the (Leo) Koguan Building. Deputy dean Yang Xiaolei expressed his warm welcome to Zheng Xiaosan's visit to our college, and praised the classroom form of Dr. Min Yanmei's "Comparative Law Topic" class. He hoped that the exchanges and cooperation between Korean University Law School and our college will be closer. Prof. Chen Yongsheng discussed the topic of criminal litigation, electronic litigation, and legal profession between China and South Korea with Counsel Mr. Zheng, and looked forward to the deepening of academic exchanges between China and South Korea. Counselor Mr. Zheng expressed his gratitude to Peking University Law School for providing an academic exchange platform and introduced the current state of judicial practice in Korea and looked forward to further development of legal and practical exchanges between China and South Korea. After the meeting, the guests attending the meeting took a group photo in front of the (Leo) Koguan Building.