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The Peking University Cross-Strait Business Entrepreneur Legal Literacy Enhancement Seminar was successfully held

From June 11th to 13th, Peking University Law School successfully hosted a cross-strait business entrepreneurs legal literacy promotion seminar. 36 students from Taiwan's Taiwanese business community participated in this seminar. Li Jiangwen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law, Li Yuwen, chairman of the Peking University Alumni Association, and Guo Guosheng, chairman of the Peking University Taiwan Alumni Association, attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Du Xuejiao, deputy director of the Law Office's Domestic Cooperation Office.



In the speech, Mr. Lu Jiangnan welcomed the arrival of the students on behalf of the Law School. He introduced the positive practice and useful exploration of the college in recent years in the cultivation of French businessmen. He hoped that entrepreneurs from Taiwan would combine business ability with the rule of law to achieve legal, commercial and social fields. The cross-border and integration of intellectual knowledge makes greater contributions to cross-strait industrial cooperation and cultural exchanges.



Later, Chairman Li Yuwen and the students shared their experiences in studying at Peking University and expressed their hope that through a series of training and training projects, the compatriots on both sides of the strait will join hands to create a bright future for all Chinese. Guo Guosheng, speaking as a representative of the participants, said that everyone will firmly grasp the new era of development in the Mainland, seize new opportunities for development, deepen economic and trade exchanges, and inject inexhaustible motive power for cross-strait economic cooperation.




The law school has arranged a rich curriculum system for this seminar. Many experts and scholars, corporate executives and industry authorities inside and outside the law school focus on innovative thinking, human resources, frontiers of science and technology, wisdom of Chinese culture and corporate culture, grandchildren. The military law and business, the current world and China's economic situation, the rule of law government and China's national conditions and other issues related to the field for the participants to give a special lecture.

The successful holding of the seminar on the legal literacy improvement of business entrepreneurs on both sides of the strait has played a positive role in promoting exchanges between compatriots on both sides of the strait. Entrepreneurs from the seminars expressed their hope that they will further enhance cross-strait exchanges, continuously improve the quality of cross-strait economic cooperation, open a new era of cross-strait business cooperation, and seek the long-term welfare of the people on both sides of the strait.



Translated by: Wang Chenhuan

Edited by: Ding Jieyao