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Student delegation from University of Chicago visits Peking University Law School and conducts dialogue between teachers and students

In March 20th, Peking University Law School ushered in a student delegation from the other side of the ocean. At the 303 conference room of the Koguan Building, a deep dialogue with teachers and students was carried out.

At the beginning of the communication, Li Yuanyuan, director of the external affairs office, welcome them to Peking University Law School.

The students of the delegation were interested in Chinese Affairs and the cultural differences between China and the United States. At the invitation of teacher Chen Ruoying and Yan Tian, they opened the gate of thinking. This includes their general insight on the construction of China's political system, the differences in the process of the rule of law between China and the United States, and their concern about the hot issues of the law, and their views on how to protect the privacy of the big data and the era of Globalization. All the questions cover and contain everything, teacher Chen and teacher Yan speak without reserve.

The climax of the whole communication is the discussion of the differences between Chinese and American education. A lot of students at the University of Chicago have experience in the exchange of learning in China, some are also exchange students in Peking University. Teacher Chen and teacher Yan also have a combination of educational background, so for this problem, everyone is an experienced person, and everyone's speech makes the other listeners feel the same. With regard to the choice of American education, Yan Tian said that he chose to study abroad to improve the understanding of some of the advanced systems and practices in the United States. But in the process of learning, he also found the problems and contradictions in the American system. With the rapid development of Chinese society today, his experiences can make him see the problem more clearly, and thus take history as a mirror and avoid it. Teacher Chen Ruoying said that during her study in the United States, she saw the differences between China and the United States and wanted to tell them to more young people in China so that they could have a deeper understanding of China and change China, which was the original intention of her return. Teacher Chen Ruoying also introduced the problems of Chinese education in encouraging students to read more, ask more questions and think more. This is what she has made to promote and make a change in Peking University.

An hour's communication is fleeting. Although the delegation of the University of Chicago went to the airport immediately after leaving Peking University, people had been reluctant to leave for a long time, and continued to communicate further with the teachers and students of Peking University after the end of the communication, as if they had forgotten the existence of time.

We wish guests a safe journey and hope that they will have the opportunity to return to Peking University again, and continue to write this warm and deep thinking collision and extend the vitality of this dialogue.


Teacher Chen Ruoying answered the students' questions


Teacher Yan Tian answered the students' questions


Student representatives from University of Chicago ask questions


Student representatives from University of Chicago ask questions


Student representatives from University of Chicago ask questions


Student representatives from University of Chicago ask questions


Student representatives from University of Chicago ask questions


Translated by: Fu Boyun

Edited by: Yang Jin

Date: 2018-03-21