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Bernard Tilleman, the Law School of the University of Louvain in Belgium Visited Peking University Law School

On the morning of March 7, 2018, Professor Bernard Tilleman, Dean of the Law School of the University of Louvain in Belgium, visited the Peking University Law School. Dean Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University School of Law, Associate Dean Chen Ruoying, Assistant to the Dean, and Teacher Li Yuanyuan, Assistant to the Dean and Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs, warmly welcomed the visiting guests in the National Union Courtyard. The two sides conducted fruitful talks.

Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his sincere greetings and welcomes to visiting guests on behalf of Peking University Law School. He said that Peking University Law School, as the oldest law school in China's modern legal education, actively promotes research and teaching in the area of EU law. President Zhang Shouwen pointed out that strengthening the study of EU law is an inevitable requirement to adapt to the trend of economic globalization. At the same time, the era background of the UK's Brexit makes the importance of an in-depth study of EU law even more prominent. Leuven University is located in the center of continental Europe. EU law research centers have established a good relationship with European law schools. Therefore, Dean Zhang Shouwen said that Leuven University School of Law is a rare partner of Peking University. The two sides should start resources as soon as possible, so as to lay a good start for future cooperation. Then, the two parties conducted detailed and in-depth discussions on cooperation in various fields such as exchange programs, degree programs, and teacher exchange programs.

Dean Bernard Tilleman thanked Dean Zhang Shouwen for his warm reception. He introduced that the Law School of the University of Leuven was established under the proposal of the Duke of Burgundy in 1425. At the beginning of its establishment, it was a law school. There were more than 3,000 students in the College, 300 professors, researchers and assistant lecturers. The lecturers also include diplomats, politicians, and magistrates of the International Court of Justice; the college offers interdisciplinary courses, bilingual courses, and advanced master's programs including financial research, company law, and intellectual property law; the college library holds all Belgium The largest legal resource base; according to the 2017 QS Global Law School Rankings, the Law School of the University of Leuven is ranked 40th. Dean Bernard Tilleman sincerely expressed his desire to establish a deep and friendly partnership with Peking University Law School and jointly promote the research and teaching of China-EU law.

Meet with a group photo

Meet with a group photo

Meet with a group photo

Afterwards, the dean of the Law School of Leuven University visited the Peking University Law School Library.

Translated by: Ao Minyu

Edited by: Yang Jin

Date: 2018-03-08