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Jane H. Aiken, Vice Dean of Georgetown University Law School, visited Peking University Law School

On the afternoon of November 1, 2017, Professor Jane H. Aiken, Vice Dean of Georgetown University Law School, and Professor Tom Kellogg, Executive Director of the Asian Law Center at Georgetown University, visited Peking University Law School. Guo Li, Vice President of Peking University Law School, and Yao Yueming, Principal from Foreign Affairs Office , warmly welcomed the visiting guests. Both two sides conducted fruitful talks.

On behalf of Peking University Law School, Mr. Guo extended his sincere greetings to the guests, later he introduced the general situation of Peking University Law School and the international development strategies of legal education in recent years. Peking University Law School, as the oldest law school in China's modern legal education field, is devoted to cultivating legal talents with an international perspective and actively promoting the internationalization of legal education.

Photo of Talks Between Two Sides

Mr. Jane H. Aiken thanked Guo for his warm reception and briefed him on the basic situation of Georgetown University Law School. Georgetown University Law School was founded in the 19th century and was originally created for training lawyers, its LL.M. is a world-renowned project, which offers specialized degree options for students such as international law, trade law, tax law, environmental law, medical law and national security law. Currently, that Law School has more than 40,000 alumni around the world.

In addition, Georgetown University Law School and Peking University Law School have been increasing cooperation and exchange during these years. In October 2017, at the first student overseas study & exchangePeking University Law School, the first exhibition of “Student overseas study & Exchange affairs about sending(/receiving) students to(/from) Hong Kong, Tai Wan and Macao, Georgetown University Law school sent a delegation of their outstanding graduates to attend, aiming at strengthen exchange and contact between two schools. Vice President Jane H. Aiken expressed his sincere wishes for both sides to establish a long-term and effective cooperation mechanism and then conducted in-depth communication with Vice President Guo Li on the specific issues concerning the cooperation between the two law schools.

Besides, Mr. Guo Li expressed his hope for the cooperation prospects of the two schools and pointed out that international exchange and cooperation is expected to foster more qualified and globalized professionals majoring at the rules of law. The two sides conducted deep discussions on the cooperation in various fields such as student exchange programs, degree programs and teacher exchange programs, and in the end reached a cooperation agreement. In the future, both our two law schools will carry out long-term and effective cooperation in exchange of students programs, degree programs and exchange of experts and scholars programs according to the cooperation agreement.

Photo of the Meeting

Draft offered by Li Yuanzhao at Foreign Affairs Office

Translated by Li Jiaying

Editted by Tian Junxin