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Osaka University Law School’s Dean HAYASHI Tomoyoshi Visiting Peking University Law School

Osaka University Law School’s Dean HAYASHI Tomoyoshi and professor SAKAGUCHI Kazushige visited Peking University Law School in the 23rd November 2017.HAYASHI and SAKAGUCHI met with Peking University Law School’s deputy dean Wang Xixin and Foreign Affair Officer Yao Yueming. The two parties had a cordial talk.



Wang gave a warm welcome to HAYASHI and briefly introduced PKU law school and its achievements in international cooperation. HAYASHI thanked Wang’s hospitality and gave a brief introduction of Osaka University. Osaka University used to be Osaka Imperial University which was established in 1931 and renamed as Osaka University in 1945. Osaka University Law School was established in 1953, with long history and remarkable achievements, on environmental law particularly. HAYASHI said that, thanks to the deep cooperation relationship between the two universities, there is abundant communication and cooperation practice and he hoped to deepen the friendly cooperation relationship between the two law schools.


Wang agreed with HAYASHI that the two parties should enhance cooperation relationship. He emphasized that Japanese law education has guiding significance to Chinese law education and Chinese and Japanese law education has learned from each other for a long period. He suggested that the two parties could draw on the cooperation experience of PKU law school-Columbia University law school and PKU law school-Northwestern University law school, starting with cooperation in faculties such as short term professor exchange and regular seminars. On student levels, students exchange programmes, summer school programmes and student seminars could also serve as great ways to promote the relationship between the two parties while attracting more Chinese and Japanese students in these programmes. HAYASHI supported Wang’s proposals and said that he would discuss is with his colleagues and put it into practice when he return Japan.



Drafted by Li YuanZhao at Foreign Affair Office.

Translated by Hu Xiang.

Edited by Tian Junxin

Date: 2017-12-12