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The Deeds Report of Zou Bihua Was Successfully Held

The deeds report of Zou Bihua was held in the Library of Peking University on March 28th.

Zou Bihua, who has lived in Peking University for 10 years, is an outstanding representative of Peking University alumni, as well as a learning model of students. He graduated from Peking University Law School in 1988 with a degree of economic law, and was admitted to studying as a master of international economic law in 1993. In 1999, he received a doctorate in law. As the vice president of the Shanghai Higher People's court, he devoted his life to the judicial career.


In December 10, 2014, Zou Bihua died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 47. Xi Jinping spoke highly of Zou Bihua, and urged Party members and cadres to learn from him. This report is aimed to implement the instructions of the authorities, as well as to learn and spread the deeds of Zou Bihua.


At the beginning of the report, the host introduced the guests, and expressed heart-felt thanks to the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Court of Shanghai on behalf of Peking University staff and students. Subsequently, all the participants watched the short video of Zou Bihua.


After that, the guests gave speeches with the themes of “A straight judge and a responsible cadre”, “to live is to change the world”, “hope lawyers working environment better and better”.


Then, Zhou Bihua’s wife gave a lecture of “your life is the sculpture of my love”, which touched all the participants.


Then, Hao Hong interpreted Zou Bihua phenomenon from the perspective of media, praising him as “burning lamp in rule of law”. Finally, the students recited the poetry “you in front of the court”.

The law workers of Peking University will learn from Zou Bihua’s spirit, and apply the idea of “rule of law” into practice of Chinese law reform. We will pass on the tradition of Peking University, adhere to the faith of law, and contribute to the rule of law with our best efforts!


Translated by: Huang Xiao

Edited by: Li Jie