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Giving and Cooperation

Since 1954 when Peking University Law School established the information room, the Law Library has passed 57 years and turned into a modern professional library with a relatively large collection and basically integrated service. It didn’t only witnessed the history and glories of the School but also help improve the teaching and research work there. In this way, it made exceptional contribution to the construction of China’s legal system and its progress, and therefore facilitated the spread of law as a discipline and spirit.
The history of The Law Library is the miniature of the construction of China’s legal system and the growth of law education. Its development is inseparable with that of the country in this progressive age as well as the support from all over the society. The library today is made of the effort of the staff, the entire community of the Law School and insightful people in the society. As Peking University Law School keeps development, its academic researches has requested more from the collection and resources of the Law Library. The development of the Library is limited by the funds, thus there exists a great tension between the resources and the actual needs. Such tension makes the Library still far from top universities in the world such as Harvard and Yale, especially in fields of the collection and the electronic resource archives.
Today, the new “Leo KoGuan Building” for the Law School has been finished and the Library has also moved into its spacious and modern new space. The Library and the School have together stepped into a new stage. A first tier university needs a first tier library. Likewise, a first tier law school needs a first tier law library. To build a top world class law school, we sincerely hope alumni and all those who care about the development of Peking University Law School to support the Library and help the Library to reach a new level in its quality. We do need your devoting and benevolent spirit. In return, we would work harder and fight for the development of law education, making the School one of the top in the world, cultivating the best talents in the field of law as well as further improving China’s future legal system.
Cooperation programs
1.     the right to name the Law Library
The Law Library is a critical place for Peking University’s law teaching and researching. Individual(s) who comes to an agreement with the School for the right to name the Library, would have the right to entitle the library as “Peking University XXX Law Library”. Brass nameplate will be made as the sign for the library.
2.     subscription of facilities, discussion rooms, multimedia reading rooms, individual research seats
the new Law Library is bright and spacious, with its sections clearly set out according to their functions. There are over 150 bookshelves, nearly 100 reading tables as well as a digital reading room capable of holding 50 readers, 2 small seminar room (for the use of 14 people), 10 individual research seats and an independent book storage place for volumes from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Based on the amount of donations, donators are able to subscribe one reading room, seminar room, or the bookshelves, reading tables and seats in the Library with special right to name them and have nameplates imbedded. For the program, the Law Library will make the information available in readers’ guide, floor plan and related signs in order to praise the charitable act of the donators.
3.     purchases of electronic database in law
it is also crucial to equip the Library with integrated electronic database in law, which is available in languages including Chinese, English, Japense, German etc., multimedia resources, electronic version of books, so as to enrich the database of the discipline of law and improve the quality of the education in the School as well as making the students more competitive in their development.
Donators of this program can provide funds for one specific kind of database for one year or consecutive years. This charitable act would be reported in the official website of the Peking University Law School and will be listed in the database entries in Peking University Library in order to explain and express our gratitude.
4.     funds for literature in law
donators of this program can provide funds for purchasing books according to the needs of the teaching plan in the School or the development of the Library, or appoint the amount of donation to a specific kind of professional books in law. This charitable act would be reported in the official website of the Peking University Law School and the books purchased will be exhibited in the Library with special signs indicating the donators in order to praise the act.
5.     donations of books to the Law Library
the Law Library is glad to collect the suitable published works or unpublished but highly valuable works (for instance, hand drafts with academic values) from teachers and students from the School, our alumni and all the other people in the society. The Law Library will send thank you notes to the donators. As there is limited space in the library, the Library would select from the donated books based on official regulations on accepting books.
Peking University Law School looks forward to the future growth of the Library supported by the charitable people and together we would collaborate on the law education and research in Peking University, therefore contributing to the progress of China’s legal system.
Means of donation
Alumni and any individuals can donate to Peking University Law Library Development Fund according to the programs above. The donated funds will be gathered into this account and invoice will be provided under the supervision of the National Finance Department by Peking University Education Grant Foundation. Please note “Peking University Law Library Development Fund” in the donation deposit. For specific use of the funds, please contact us.
Deposit details
For RMB:
BANK 'S NAME: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Haidian West Branch
For HKD:
Please note “Peking University Law Library Development Fund” in the donation deposit.
Contacts of the Law Library
Please mail to:
Peking University Law School, No.5 Summer Palace Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Zipcode: 100871
Telephone No.: 010-65751695
Selected news about donations:
Donation from Seibundo (Japan)
The CEO of Wolters Kluwer (the Netherlands) visited and made donation to the Library
Donation from Liason Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R.