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Professor Zhang Qi, Legal Theory


Educationl Background
Bachelor of Laws, Jilin University Faculty of Law
Master of Laws, Doctor of Laws, Jurisprudence, Peking University
1995.8-1997.6, visiting scholar, Harvard University of USA
1999.10-2000.4, visiting scholar, Heidelberg University Law School, Germany
2002.7, visiting Hokkaido University Law School,  Japan
2003.1-2003.7, senior visiting scholar, Yale University Law School
2003.8-2004.6, visiting scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute of Harvard University,USA
2004.9-2006.6, visiting professor, Arts and Sciences of Stanford University, USA
Work Experience

Research Field
Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, Basic Issues of Legal Philosophy, Legal Reasoning, Judicial Precedent and Directive Cases System, Civil Society and Rule of Law, Production Liability Law